Sunday, January 05, 2020

The Voice of Silence: Bells, Gongs & Gamelan - by Paul Asbury Seaman

When Paul emailed a few weeks back with the idea of doing a bell themed mix I got all excited. I thought to myself - "Perfect, I have a whole folder of bell tunes I've been collecting." So I go to that folder and there are two tracks in it. That's it. I guess it's the thought that counts?

If Paul hadn't come up with this mix I probably never would have gotten around to it. Maybe there's some sort of lesson for the new year here - Finish what you start. Whatever the lesson, Paul's mix is a perfect way to start the new year and the decade. Here's what Paul has to say about it:

“There’s a certain irony in composing music meant to convey silence. Nevertheless, this seems to be a recurring theme among ambient artists, just as music in this genre is often fused with melancholy. Most of the time that resonates with me—as a very truthful feeling in our age of loneliness, upheaval and uncertainty. But this week I’m focusing on hopeful sounds, to ring in the new year with comfort and reflection.”

Happy New Year & Cheers to a better 2020!

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T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Gordon Pigeon - La Voix du Silence (La voix du silence 2009)
  • 03:23    Rudy Adrian - Subterranean River (Desert Realms 2008)
  • 08:36    Peter Kater - Night's Cavern (Resonance 2016)
  • 17:20    Michael Stearns - Monk with Bell (Baraka 1993)
  • 19:39    Erik Wollo - Crystal Bells 1 (Crystal Bells 2012)
  • 25:12    David Parsons - Urartu to Ubud (Ngaio Gamelan 1999)
  • 31:36    Arve Henriksen - Float (Wolrd of Glass 2014)
  • 32:30    Jeff Oster - Beautiful Silence (Surrender 2011)
  • 36:18    James Hood - Timebomb(Any Minute Now) (Pure Ceremony 2017)
  • 40:50    Forrest Fang - Seven Coronas (Letters To The Farthest Star 2015)
  • 47:20    Jarguna - Garden of the Mantras (Prospettive Animiche 2019)
  • 54:39    Gordon Pigeon - Rêves de carillons éoliens (La voix du silence 2009)
  • 60:34    end

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the Interstellar Radio Station said...

Excellent concept and execution. How come no one has done this before?