Sunday, May 02, 2021



A year or two ago I read a sci-fi novel in which some of the main characters were sentient robots. When two of them would meet they establish secure channels with dialog such as "I am Paladin. You are unknown. Here comes my data. We want information about a pirate named Judith Chen. She goes by Jack … That is the end of my data." For some reason the line "Here comes my data" stuck with me.

I immediately wrote it down as a possible title for a mix. I thought it would fit well with a slightly more upbeat electronic mix. And so this mix was born, or more like artificially grown in a lab.

The mix starts with a track from Saul Stokes. I haven't listen to Stokes in years but when I stumbled on his album "Local Crowd," I knew I had to include it. He still has a unique sound which comes from, I believe, the fact that most of his synths are built from scratch. 

The rest of the mix a a nice combo of new music with some older tracks, some from as far back as 2003. Oops! One short track is from 1987.

I think the whole mix hangs together quite well, with the vibe of a digital handshake.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Saul Stokes - My memory I hope you remember (Local Crowd 2017)
  • 04:12    Time Rival - Vaporous (Vertigo Sessions 2021)
  • 08:22    Joel Vandroogenbroeck - rock program (Digital Project 1987)
  • 08:57    Hannah Peel - Fir Wave (Fir Wave 2021)
  • 12:45    Polypores - Fairy Rings (Shpongos 2021)
  • 17:03    Coti - Tiptoe (Metamemoria 2020)
  • 19:49    Zoltan Fecso - Wave (Silken Wave EP 2019)
  • 28:55    Robert Lippok - Schemes Like These (Falling Into Komëit 2004)
  • 31:15    Jan Jelinek - B1. ICE 897 (Ice Compositions 2021)
  • 32:40    Nalepa - Porcelain (Beneath The Surface 2006)
  • 36:55    Hainbach - Amtsweg (Landfill Totems 2021)
  • 38:40    Pye Corner Audio - Phase B (Where Things Are Hollow 2 2020)
  • 42:38    Belbury Poly - ffarisees (The Gone Away 2020)
  • 46:37    Frank Bretschneider - Optik(For Yen-Ni) (Lunik 2018)
  • 50:53    Atom™ - Computermusik (This Is Computermusik 2021)
  • 54:25    Johnny Woods - Secret Commonwealth (Behind The Sky Presents: Portals 2020)
  • 58:31    Komet - Blau (Gold 2003)
  • 63:30    end