Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looking for songs

I don't know if I've ever posted a request for song ideas before.  But I am now.

I want to do a mix of ambient songs by non-ambient artists.  My perfect example of this is "Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats" by Genesis.  I've used in mixes in the past and I'd like to find other songs that fit the criteria.  Something like Radiohead - Treefingers would work too.  There are probably strange little cuts buried on albums over the years that only real fans know about(like the Genesis tune).

So if anyone has any ideas please either leave them in the comments or email me.  Hopefully I can cobble together a mix of these tunes in the next few weeks.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Morning Music vol. 5 - Chasing Ice

I have to be honest.  One of the reasons I've done so many(#5 now) of these Sunday morning music mixes is that they are so popular, especially on Mixcloud.  So I'm a sellout, a ratings whore.  I admit it.  But I like to think that each Sunday mix is a good listen in it's own way.

I usually stumble upon a song or two that prompts me to start a new mix.  In this case it was the song "Before My Time" which leads off the mix.  It's the song that plays during the credits of the film Chasing Ice.  When I heard it as the credits rolled it knocked my socks off.  That's Scarlett Johansson singing.  She's got a unique voice,  not one to be used for candy coated pop music.  But absolutely perfect for the beautiful restraint of "Before My Time."

I hope this mix is another worthy addition to the Sunday morning music series.  Enjoy.

[ s t r e a m ]  [ d o w n l o a d ]   [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    J. Ralph & Scarlett Johansson - Before My Time (from Chasing Ice OST)
  • 03:33    Sigur Ros - Varðeldur (from Valtari)
  • 09:15    Manu Katché - Slowing the Tides (from Manu Katché)
  • 14:35    Simon Scott - sealevel.1 (from Below Sealevel)
  • 18:25    Kiln - Centrifu (from Thermals)
  • 19:40    S. Carey - Mothers (from All We Grow)
  • 24:45    Andrew Bird - Night Sky (from Norman OST)
  • 28:13    Endless Melancholy - A Song for the Morning Star (from Music for Quiet Mornings)
  • 32:40    Schulte & Martin - Frosty Morning (from Treasure)
  • 36:10   J. Ralph - Chasing Ice (Croconite) (from Chasing Ice OST)
  • 39:05    Max Richter - Winter 3 (from Vivaldi 4 Seasons Recomposed)
  • 43:15    Patrick Watson - Noisy Sunday (from Adventurers in Your Own Backyard)
  • 45:05    Garth Stevenson - Dawn (from Flying)
  • 50:55    Manuell Göttsching - Quasarsphere (from Inventions for Electric Guitar)
  • 56:55    J. Ralph - You're No Longer Just a Human Being (from Chasing Ice OST)
  • 58:40    end

Friday, January 04, 2013

dubscapes & dreamscapes

I love the end of the year because of all the lists that get posted all over the place.  I love discovering releases that I knew nothing about.  The folks over at Headphone Commute have started their mammoth collection of 15 best of lists here.  

Over at A Closer Listen they have lists for best field recordings, modern composition, experimental, post rock, overall, etc. and guest lists.

Secret Thirteen has a ton of guest lists where I found a bunch of stuff I'd never heard of.

There is a nice eclectic list over at Textura that is worth checking out.

While cruising these lists I came across some excellent electronic music.  Some of techno, some idm, some dub.  I found enough ambient/dub stuff to make me want to do a new dubby & dreamy mix.  So that's what this new mix is, a collection slow beats with a dubby feel with some ambient synth washes to keep things dreamy.

[ s t r e a m ]  [ d o w n l o a d ]   [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard - Balm
  • 02:15    Submersion - Erosion II
  • 04:00    Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard - Hibernate
  • 06:55    Silent Harbour - Descending Radius Curve
  • 09:00    Kabana - Reflex
  • 13:55    Ghosting Season - Through Your Teeth
  • 18:00    DJAx - Machines
  • 21:00    Deepchord - Rippling
  • 22:00    Arc of Doves - Arabesque
  • 24:45    1991 - High-Tech Slow-Life
  • 28:00    Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
  • 30:30    Deepchord - Theme from Silent World
  • 36:40    Alteria Percepsyne - Circumvent
  • 39:10    sonmi451 - Vladivostok
  • 44:00    Coppice Halifax - Dusk II (axs silent night breathing)
  • 49:50    Voices from the Lake - Hgs
  • 53:55    Lee Gamble - 3,4 synthetics
  • 54:25    Willits & Sakamoto - I Don’t Want To Understand
  • 1:00:33    end