Friday, April 26, 2013

Sci Fi Adventures - All These Worlds

The good folks over at Nocturne Records asked me to do a mix for their podcastThey put out some great music so how could I resist!

Most of the time with my mixes I'll stumble upon one or two tunes that spark an idea.  In this case I rediscovered an old electronic album that I had in college. It's a compilation called Music from the 21st Century.

That album got me thinking about science fiction music, whether it's music used in sci-fi or just tunes that sound like they should be in a sci-fi film.

This mix uses two tracks from the 21st Century album along with several other old electronic cuts.  A couple of those older cuts are from another college favorite, Synergy - CordsI loved that album back then & still go to it occasionally for a nostalgia hit.  The whole album definitely has a sci fi movie soundtrack sort of feel to it.  The mix isn't totally old electronics, there is also some newer material mixed in. 


[ s t r e a m ]  [ d o w n l o a d ]   [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Vangelis - Blush Response
  • 04:00    Synergy - A Presuming to be Modern I
  • 06:50    Richard Pinhas - L' Ethique
  • 11:20    Lights Out Asia - All These Worlds are Yours
  • 13:15    The Black Dog - Lounge
  • 14:15    Frank Comstock - On the Dark Side of the Moon
  • 16:00    Michael Garrison - Escape (music from the 21st century)
  • 18:20    Synergy - Disruption in World Communications
  • 22:00    David Bowie - Abdulmajid
  • 25:10    Elf Machine - Evolutions Arrow
  • 29:00    Underworld & John Murphy - Capa Meets the Sun
  • 30:45    Vector Lovers - Girl + Robot
  • 32:50    Maps & Diagrams - Skynet
  • 35:30    Bruce Courtois - Inside the Black Hole (music from the 21st century)
  • 37:10    Vangelis - Longing
  • 38:35    Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station
  • 45:00    Cliff Martinez - First Sleep
  • 47:30    Rena Jones - The Problem of Time
  • 49:50    Schengen - Me n' U
  • 50:30    Lopside - To the Point of Obscurity
  • 55:50    Vangelis - Fading Away
  • 59:00    end 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Searching for songs

I'm looking for more song suggestions for an upcoming mix.

I've done several Sunday Morning Music mixes and for the next one I'd like to give it a new wrinkle.  Or actually an old wrinkle, as I'd like to a 1970s version of the Sunday Morning series.

So if you have any ideas for quiet music from the 70s, I'd love to hear them.  The tunes can be jazz, folk, ambient, electronic, whatever fits the feel of the series.

I've already started collecting tracks from folks like Eno, Soft Machine, Nick Drake, John Martyn, King Crimson and more.  I'm sure there are plenty of songs out there that would fit right in, so just leave any suggestions you have in the comments.