Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remember Tomorrow

I was listening to music from Lunar Testing Lab the other day. The album, "Space Program", has a sort of retro/space/electronic feel to it. Boards of Canada in space?

I thought a whole mix of music with this kind of feel would be fun, so the result is "Remember Tomorrow". I tried to use tunes that had that retro, space program vibe without being too kitschy or cheesy. It's fine line & I hope I walked it successfully.

Lunar Testing Labs of course makes several appearances in the mix and of course Board of Canada had to be included. I am especially happy about being able to squeeze in the track "Cowboy" from
The Units. I remember listening to it in college and absolutely loving the tune, so it was was fun to get it into a mix. I am also happy to have two Bowie cuts in there, "V-2 Schneider" & "Weeping Wall".

I found some sound from a recording called "Bob & Betty go to the Moon" and I used a couple clips from that old, corny recording. I tried not to use too much as it can easily distract from the music. I ended up using 4 samples, the coundown open & three other quickies. Using sound samples can be very tempting, tt's fun to use some but they can quickly get in the way of the music.

Although this mix is more beat-oriented than the typical Low Light offering, I think it's a fun trip.

Download(right click/save as) : 93mb, 51:00 min

Remember Tomorrow

T R A C K L I S T I N G :

  • 00:00 Countdown from "Lunar Adventure in 1985"
  • 00:13 Belbury Poly - Adventures in a Miniature Landscape
  • 02:00 The Units - Cowboy
  • 06:05 Harmonic 33 - Departure Lounge
  • 10:30 Lunar Testing Lab - Lunar Radio control
  • 11:30 EU - New Osc's
  • 13:00 Boards of Canada - Wildlife Analysis
  • 13:50 Freescha - The Sun is Still
  • 16:00 Lunar Testing Lab - Orbiting Lunar Observatory
  • 16:40 TRS-80 - moon Patrol
  • 22:30 David Bowie - V2 Schneider
  • 25:10 Bochum Welt - interlude
  • 28:25 Lunar Testing Lab - Phantom Cosmonaut
  • 30:50 Signaldrift - Children of the 70's
  • 32:20 Harmonic 33 - Planet 54
  • 35:50 Frank Comstock - Music from Outer Space(when you wish upon a star)
  • 37:50 Boards of Canada - Nova Scotia Robots
  • 38:50 Bernard Szajner - A Kind of Freedom
  • 41:30 Talvihorros - A Rural Place
  • 43:35 David Bowie - Weeping Wall
  • 46:35 Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
  • 51:05 end

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a solitary sea

I haven't had time to do anything new lately but today I'm home sick so I had some time in between naps.

I was listening to "Nautica" by krill.minima, and it got me in the mood for some "sea" music.

A few things came to mind immediately, such as Eluder, Loscil & a new track by Intrusion. From there I just searched for tunes with 'sea', 'water', 'ocean' or other watery words in the titles. I think the tunes work pretty well together. The first 20 minutes has a great ebb & flow, breathing-like quality which I love.


Download(right click/save) : 110mb, 60:00 min.
a solitary sea

T R A C K L I S T :