Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love the Rain

The transition from spring to summer brings two new mixes from Low Light Mixes central command.  We've had a fair amount of rain lately so both mixes are "rain" mixes.

Rain evokes so many memories & emotions, it's a great theme for mixes.  Using field recordings really helps hold the mix together.  I try not to over do it with the rain sounds, hopefully it works well.

This first mix is a vocal mix, well mostly vocal, there are three instrumentals hiding in there.  All the tunes have the word "rain" in the title.  It was fun discovering tunes I did not know very well, like The Decemberists track & the cut from Susanna & The Magical Orchestra.

The second rain mix is an instrumental mix and it will be posted over at the SubVersion blog.  Mick will be posting it there soon.  And I will be posting a drone mix from Mick here at Low Light Mixes soon as well.  I've also got a "sleep" mix in the works.

DOWNLOAD :  77mb  40:00min

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Susanna & The Magical Orchestra - It's Raining Today
  • 04:40    The (real) Tuesday Weld - I Love the Rain
  • 08:37    Asche & Spencer - A Walk in the Rain
  • 09:49    The Handsome Family - Famous Blue Raincoat
  • 14:40    Daniel Lanois - Rain Weather
  • 18:20    The Decemberists - Raincoat Song
  • 20:40    Joe Purdy - I Love the Rain the Most
  • 25:00    Oblong - Rain Over the Deverils
  • 28:54    REM - I'll Take the Rain
  • 34:15    Rivulets - Rain All Winter Long
  • 40:00    end

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Check out these mixes

I want to call attention to some good mixes & podcasts over at The Bovine Life Support System.  BLSS is run by Chris Dooks and he describes the site's purpose this way..."it’s listening to new music religiously – and a move to Glasgow that has inspired this show which I began as a new year’s resolution at the start of 2008. And I’ve kept it up. It’s partly personal diary, part info about the artists (occasionally) but the main point of it is for me to soundtrack my life and sort out my ever expanding music collection."

I started with in the mixtapes section & have really enjoyed the Bedtime Barbiturate Mix & the Half-Life Studies Mix.  I have barely scratched the surface of the podcasts but have already discovered new music which I will be seeking out.  One piece which I re-discovered via the podcast was Odi at Amo by Johann Johannsson, a gorgeous piece from Englaborn.  

I'm looking forward to listening to the rest of the podcasts.