Sunday, July 25, 2021

Mystical / Train — by Paul Asbury Seaman


                               "Then he leaves the platform/For the sleeping car that's warm
                                    You realize, he's only advertising one more shelter
                                    And it comes to you, he never was a stranger"
                                                                        - Leonard Cohen, "The Stranger Song"

I have been lucky to have a bunch of excellent guest mixes this year. After this one there are 2 more coming soon. But let's talk about this one first. This is another great collection from the mind of Paul Asbury Seaman. It's appropriate that "Mystical" is in the title as his mixes generally are more "mystical" than the ones I crank out. Which is why Paul's mixes are always a breath of fresh air for me.

Here's what Paul says about this set:

“In ancient times, the meaning of  “astrology” and “astronomy” was almost synonymous. Today we view space as a metaphor for the mystical—and vise versa. Both the physical universe and mystical concepts confront us with the unknown, the mysterious and the infinite, stimulating a desire for exploration and stretching our potential. Many things are more connected than we realize, and discovering such unexpected connections can be both illuminating and delightful. So this mix features koto and sax along with sequencers, trumpet, marimba and emotional guitar leads, getting slower as you go deeper.”

Thanks Paul, for another transcendental mix.


T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Kitaro - Wonderland 2 (An Ancient Journey 2001)
  • 03:06    Pharoah Sanders - Kazuko(Peace Child) (Journey to the One 1980)
  • 08:55    Thom Brennan - Chasing the Rain Part 1 (Chasing the Rain 2021)
  • 17:10    Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen - Fractal 5.7 (Crossings 2021)
  • 24:16    Jean-Luc Ponty - Mystical Adventures Part V (Mystical Adventures 1982)
  • 28:55    David Wright - Transylvanian Lullaby (In Search Of Silence 2011)
  • 36:06    Germind - Subway Of The Future (Reincarnation 2012)
  • 42:08    VAAST - LBV (Eta Carinae 2018)
  • 46:28     Esmerine - Walking Through Mist (La Lechuza 2011)
  • 49:55    Jon Durant & Robert Jürjendal - Reflective Sea (Across the Evening 2020)
  • 55:48    David Wright - Sanctuary Reprise (In Search Of Silence 2011)
  • 57:20    Max Corbacho - Starlight Grace (Nocturnes II 2018)
  • 61:31    Alice Coltrane - The Hymn (Translinear Light 2004)
  • 64:30    Ryan Herr & Jesse Hendricks - Cusp ( Cusp 2020)
  • 74:13    end

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Cello Mood Swings


I have been lucky to have had some awesome guest mixes this year. The streak continues with this excellent modern classical mix called "Cello Mood Swings." It's an excellent collection of music that features the cello. Duh! 

This tracklist comes from loyal listener, Kevin, who was also responsible for last year's Japan themed mix - "Not Seeing is a Flower"  Which you can find here  Kevin collected a bunch of great tracks and I put them together as best I could and the result is pretty darn awesome.

Here's what Kevin says about this mix:

"The idea for this actually came from Tina Guo's haunting version of the Rains of Castamere (Game of Thrones). As I was putting the list together it suddenly dawned on me just how many women have chosen the cello as their main instrument. I tried to make it female only cello players but couldn't quite find enough tracks. The title, Cello mood swings, fits because as an instrument, the cello is brooding and melancholic. But it can be soothing and relaxing as well."

Thanks for another great mix!


[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Hildur Guðnadóttir - Bathroom Dance (Joker OST 2019)
  • 02:00    Jo Quail - Gold (Five Incantations 2016)
  • 12:18    Zoe Keating - Walking Man (One Cello x 16 EP 2004)
  • 18:25    Julia Kent - Flag of No Country (Asperities 2015)
  • 23:00    Poppy Ackroyd - Grounds (Escapement 2012)
  • 27:00    Zoe Keating - Hello Night (Into The Trees 2010)
  • 30:12    Julia Kent - Dorval (Delay 2007)
  • 34:00    Esmerine - White Pine (Dalmak 2013)
  • 37:33    Christina Vantzou - Anna Mea (No.2 2014)
  • 39:33    Jo Quail - South West Night (Caldera 2014)
  • 45:25    Christina Vantzou - Homemade Mountains (No. 1 2011)
  • 48:45    Hendyamps Studios - Beginning To End(feat Aimee Norris) (Cello Sessions Vol. 1 2020)
  • 51:30    Hildur Gudnadottir - Opaque (Without sinking 2009)
  • 55:14    Hildur Gudnadottir - Into Warmer Air (Without sinking 2009)
  • 61:10    Anne Müller - Aarhus/Reminiscences (Heliopause 2019)
  • 65:50    Clarice Jensen - Winter (Ainu Mosir EP 2021)
  • 67:31    Peter Gregson - 1.1 Prelude (Recomposed Bach - The Cello Suites 2018)
  • 69:31    end

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

I will not be sad in this world - a tribute to Djivan Gasparyan

The track, "I Will Not Be Sad In This World", is one of the most beautiful recordings ever made. It is hard not to be sad, however, upon hearing the news of the passing of Djivan Gasparyan. 

I will forever be grateful to him for introducing me to the wonderful sounds of the duduk, an Armenian double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood. Despite it's single-octave range, Gasparyan was able to coax a wide range of emotion from the duduk.

This mix is a tribute to Djivan's wonderful music. It is by no means comprehensive, it's a collection of excellent tracks that I already had in my library. Most are solo tracks with a few collabs with Michael Brook. And one stunning cover - Maya Beiser performing "Memories" on the cello.

Thanks again, Djivan Gasparyan, for your legacy of great music.

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Djivan Gasparyan - I will not be sad in this world
  • 06:10    Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook- Immigrant Song 
  • 12:17    Djivan Gasparyan - Holy Holy Armenian Orthodox
  • 16:22    Erkan Ogur & Djivan Gasparyan - Fuad
  • 22:41    Maya Beiser - Memories
  • 29:20    Djivan Gasparyan - Nazeli
  • 33:48    Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook- Chiarescuroed
  • 36:45    Djivan Gasparyan - Male Folk Dance
  • 42:33    Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook - Fallen Star
  • 47:15    Djivan Gasparyan - In Foreign Lands
  • 52:08    Djivan Gasparyan - A Cool Wind is Blowing
  • 55:47    end

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Sunday Morning Music Vol. 21 - Dreamland


One of my favorite new indie albums of 2021 is An Overview on Phenomenal Nature by Cassandra Jenkins. It's a mostly fairly quiet, folky album. Except for the last cut which is instrumental with a kind of jazzy/ambient vibe. I knew immediately that I wanted to use it in a Sunday morning mix. Then I realized that it had been more than a year since I'd done a Sunday mix.

So here it is - Sunday Morning Music Vol. 21 - Dreamland. It sounds just like the Cassandra Jenkins I described above - jazzy/ambient with a sunny feel. There are two vocal tunes - one by Sam Gendel and the wonderful Dreamland by Joni Mitchell.

There's not much else to say other than grab the Sunday paper, a cup of coffee and hang out with this mix.


[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Time Rival - Breakfast with Birdsong (Fell 2020)
  • 02:40    Casandra Jenkins - The Ramble (An Overview on Phenomenal Nature 2021)
  • 09:05    Sam Gendel - Shells, Tube, and Guitar (Fresh Bread 2021)
  • 15:09    Pino Palladino, Blake Mills - Just Wrong (Notes with Attachments 2021)
  • 19:30    Turn On The Sunlight - Looking For A Waterfall (Warm Waves 2020)
  • 24:50    Joseph Shabason - 15-19 (The Fellowship 2021)
  • 31:33    Green-House - Peace Piece (2021)
  • 35:31    Sam Gendel - Sometimes I Feel So Good (Fresh Bread 2021)
  • 40:00    Joni Mitchell - Dreamland (Don Juan's Reckless Daughter 1977)
  • 44:06    SiP - Malabar (Leos Naturals 2020)
  • 52:10    Blake Mills - Mirror Box (Mutable Set 2020)
  • 57:00    Chocolate Hills - Relax (A Pail of Air 2019)
  • 60:19    end