Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Summer's End by The Lonely Bell


I've been busy with important things like going to baseball games, drinking beer, sitting on my back deck doing nothing, and getting ready for an trip at the end of the month. So this guest mix comes a perfect time. It's also a perfect mix for sitting on the deck and doing nothing.

This mix comes to us from Ali Murray who records as The Lonely Bell. "Kingdoms of the Deep" by The Lonely Bell was one of my favorite ambient albums of 2022.

Here's what Ali says:

"My name is Ali Murray. I’m a songwriter and musician from the Isle of Lewis, which is a small remote island in the north of Scotland. I write and release dark introspective ambient music under the name The Lonely Bell.

As the title suggests, this is an ambient guest mix to mark the end of the summer season, and the coming of autumn. It’s a dreamy and eclectic selection of dark ambience, haunting drones, fuzzy electronica, cinematic modern classical, immersive sound art and ethereal soundscapes - bookended by the two songs that comprise my brand new EP - ‘The Outer Banks’. ‘The Outer Banks’ is out now on the label Frosti, and is available both digitally and on limited edition cassette tape.

You can check it out at the following link :

And you can find the rest of my discography at :

As I've said many times before, one of the reasons I like guest mixes is they go in a direction that I usually don't take myself and that is the case here. I am very hit and miss with darker ambient tracks and the same goes for drone ambient. But I really like the way The Lonely Bell treats those styles so it's no surprise that I enjoy what Ali did with this mix. I know you'll like it too.


[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ a p p l e _ p o d c a s t s ]

T R A C K L I S T  :

  • 0:00    The Lonely Bell – The Outer Banks
  • 8:00    Claire Deak – A Million Cloaked Ghosts
  • 10:58    Barley & Blush To The Snow – The Eternal Note of Sadness In (excerpt)
  • 14:42    Broken Chip – Yellow
  • 19:06    Karen Vogt – Amidst The Sea Fog
  • 21:48    Glacis & Adrian Lane – A Flower In The Mind
  • 26:42    CLAIR – Queen Bee Prelude
  • 31:40    Patrick Corcoran – GEN 2
  • 34:20    Mollbury Medical Research Centre – Temporary Amnesia
  • 37:10    Leonard Donat – Fog Horn Deer Trap
  • 43:40    The Lonely Bell – Fires of Dawn
  • 52:46    end

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