Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ambient Solar System


Fire up the Epstein Drive, get settled in your crash couch and set forth on a tour of the solar system. We'll travel from the sun past the inner planets and through asteroid belt out to the gas giants, into the kuiper belt and oort cloud, and finally reaching interstellar space.

All the track titles make it clear where we are on this journey.

Incidentally, there is a comet, C/2022 E3, that hopefully will be visible now through the first week of February. It should viewable first with a telescope then binoculars and maybe even with the naked eye around Feb. 1. This mix might make a good soundtrack for viewing.

Link to most of the music used in this mix:

Enjoy fellow space cadets.


[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ a p p l e _ p o d c a s t s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society - She Brought the Sun (Wow and Flutter 2018)
  • 08:34    Underworld & John Murphy - Mercury (Sunshine OST 2008)
  • 10:25    Casino Versus Japan - Names on Maps of Venus pt. 6 (Casino Versus Japan 1998)
  • 11:50    Polaroid Notes - The Good Earth (Home Diaries 014 2020)
  • 14:58    Harold Budd - Mars and the Artist (In The Mist 2011)
  • 16:40    Brian Eno - Asteroid Dawn (Curiosities Volume II 2004)
  • 20:42    Erstlaub - Jupiter (Deconstructed Music 1 2004)
  • 24:50    Max Richter - The Rings of Saturn (Ad Astra OST 2019)
  • 27:35    NASA Voyager Recordings - Rings of Uranus (Symphonies of the Planets 2009)
  • 29:30    Johan Tronestam - Neptune (Space Collection 2017)
  • 37:25    Christopher Willits - Comet (Horizon 2017)
  • 41:50    Ishq - Pluto Shift (Deep Space Objects 2012)
  • 47:10    Bil Vermette - Kuiper Belt (Hunting for Planet 9 2021)
  • 52:35    Konstruct - Oort Cloud (Three (squared) 2021)
  • 55:12    Factory - Interstellar (Kage, Vol. One: Quiet Dreams 2016)
  • 57:50    Echospace - Where Are We Now (echospace [detroit] presents echoes in space 2014)
  • 60:00    end


The Interstellar Radio Station said...

When I saw the title I guess I expected a space cruiser to put on for bedtime, like the Tronestam which was enclosed, but the overall impact came to me in an opposite vein - it had me on edge for the hour. But it is all my fault, I should know better in retrospect the solar system music isn't unusually serene and relaxing and the solar system can be a startling and uncomfortable place. Evident is the great lengths that were made to get a track for each entity from sun outward, and I think this was the main driver for this work, and it wasn't an easy thing to do. The legacy of this mix will be it's musical cataloging of the system members.

Low Light Mixes said...

Thanks for listening & checking in.