Saturday, February 04, 2012

sunday morning music

I absolutely love NPR music.  The host of their All Songs Considered podcast is Bob Boilen.  I've heard him describe music as "Sunday morning music."  I'm not exactly sure what that is but I think I know when I hear it.

I'd been thinking about doing a Sunday mix for some time and then I heard Wilco's song "One Sunday Morning" & immediately loved it & had to start a mix so I could use that tune in it.

This mix is a collection of both vocal & instrumental tunes, that hopefully will work well with sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee & reading the paper.  Sunday mornings always make me think of jazz so I included a couple of jazz tracks in the mix.

Time to go brew another pot.

[ s t r e a m ] | [ d o w n l o a d ] | [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Chandanam - Silk
  • 02:00    Bon Iver - Perth (the Polish Ambassador remix)
  • 08:23    Wilco - One Sunday Morning
  • 16:53    Daniel Lanois & the MDH Band - The First Time(reprise)
  • 18:55    Nick Drake - From the Morning
  • 21:17    Keith Jarrett & Jack DeJonette - Pastel Morning
  • 23:12    Charlie Haden & Hank Jones - Going Home
  • 27:12    Gem Club - Twins
  • 31:20    Harmonia 76 - When Shade was Born
  • 32:35    Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Sunday After the War
  • 36:15    Marsen Jules - Lazy Sunday Funerals #3
  • 38:12    Dizzy Gillespie - Come Sunday
  • 41:00    Leonard Cohen - Going Home
  • 44:10    S. Carey - Move
  • 46:52    Seu Jorge - Life on Mars(Bowie Cover)
  • 50:12    Charlie Haden & Hank Jones - Come Sunday
  • 53:43    end


Anonymous said...

Hi, off topic:

I really like your mixes. They hit the spot nicely for both worktime and naptime. Just stopping by to download some more.

Muttley said...

Great stuff once again. The diversity of this blog grows and grows but still remains Ambient in nature and that's a reassuring thing to know. See you for the next one!

Anonymous said...

Dave your blog never fails to disappoint, a constant stream of excellent music

I really think you should expand the Sunday morning theme into a series in of itself......this mix is absolutely ideal.....

Low Light Mixes said...

Glad everyone likes this mix. It's funny cuz I wasn't sure if I liked it initially. I had an early version that I sat on for a while then changed it quite a bit into this one.

But I still wasn't sure what to make of it. Almost didn't post it. Then figured what the heck it's done, might as well let it loose.

Turns out that this mix is my most played mix over at Mixcloud. Big numbers I hadn't really had before. So who knows what gets people excited. I'm just happy that folks like it.

Will definitely make it a series, good idea!

sweetnothingsinthewind said...

great. as always.