Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Misty Morning by Six Missing


The nice folks at Nettwerk Music Group reached out about the possibility of doing some guest mixes and I am pleased to present the first one. This mix comes to us from TJ Dumser who releases music under the moniker, Six Missing. He has a new album coming out in December so the timing is perfect.

I'll let TJ tell you about his mix:

"Listening to music always makes me transport to another place. And whenever a piece of music can make me travel to a place that elicits a vivid scene within my mind, I love it even more. Every time I sit and write a piece of music, I am always allowing it to take me somewhere, and then my goal is to try to capture that like a polaroid and develop it as quickly as I can so that the imagery is imprinted firmly within the makeup of the piece. 

Misty Morning is a collection of tracks both old and new that allow my mind to travel. Within this mix I've included pieces from not only myself (and an unreleased sneak peak), but from other artists I respect and love. Each track on here hits you with emotion and vibe instantaneously. There is no build-up for these. With each new piece you are gently guided along what I envision being the most perfect and slow morning with a cup of coffee as you watch the mist and fog rise up from the serene mountains behind your home. Or perhaps you are drifting in and out of sleep on an airplane or in a car. But you could also be seated and just merely listening. Regardless, these pieces aim to lift you up and out of your thinking mind and usher you into the beloved "in-between." 

While making my latest record "Here For Now," which comes out December 15th via Nettwerk, I was listening to artists that use sounds masterfully - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Visible Cloaks, and Nils Frahm all are within complete and total control of their voices and I found that incredibly inspiring as I was working to find my own voice. 

It is with great humility that I place my own music amongst artists such as Mort Garson and Ólafur Arnalds as well as the ever blissful Eydís Evensen. But thankfully, it seems to all feel like they belong there. 

I had a great time designing this curated vibe-adventure for you and hope you find some new artists you've never heard before as well as some old favorites. 

Thank you for listening."

Six Missing Links:

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Thanks for providing this Misty Morning. Cheers!

[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ a p p l e _ p o d c a s t s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00-02:27 - Possibility - Six Missing
  • 02:16-05:12 - Dreamy - Hania Rani
  • 05:06-06:13 - Unity - Ryuichi Sakamoto
  •  06:05-11:06 - Dustlight - Alaskan Tapes, Moshimoss
  • 10:42-15:13 - Waves - Six Missing
  • 15:03-18:49 - Terrazzo - Visible Cloaks, Motion Graphics
  • 18:43-23:08 - An Ending (Ascent) - Brian Eno
  • 22:52-27:21 - Wandering I - Eydís Evensen
  • 27:16-32:10 - Envelop - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  • 31:54-37:11 - Loving Kindness - Six Missing
  • 36:54-39:47 - brot - Ólafur Arnalds
  • 39:47-43:22- Sunflower Dance - Green-House
  • 43:12-47:12 - Tranquility (For Sidney) - Clariloops
  • 46:55-50:15 - Deja Vu - Ataraxia, Mort Garson
  • 49:53-53:43 - Foreshadowed - Harold Budd, Brian Eno
  • 53:25-57:45 - Cleanse - Six Missing (Unreleased until 12/1/23)
  • 57:29-62:54 - Music for 18 Musicians: Pulses - Steve Reich
  • 62:25-65:48 - Alpha 1 - Ami Shavit
  • 65:30-70:55 - Seah Jahan - Paul Horn
  • 70:50-77:53 - Statum - Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima, Satsuki Shibano
  • 77:42-88:18 - Sunson - Nils Frahm


Piers Gaveston Jr said...

It is a cloudy November morning. I finish a long, intense podcast about Palestine. This mix is precisely what I should listen to now.

Low Light Mixes said...

Thanks listening and commenting!