Sunday, August 28, 2022

Walk Softly Upon This Earth - A Handpan Journey


The Handpan, or Hang, is an instrument related to the Caribbean steelpan. It is like a convex version of a steel drum with the two halves attached together. The instrument has been used in a lot of new age music and faux new-age eastern mysticism. Like a lot of new age music instrumentation there is a fine line between enjoyable, relaxing ambient and new age schlock. Unfortunately, many time use of the handpan falls into the latter category.

That being said, I do occasionally like the sound of the handpan and I don't care about healing energy and mystical power crapola. I just like the sound. While relaxing outside on my deck I came across Musical Incense vol. 1 by Laura Inserra. It became my go to music for zoning out in a chaise lounge while doom-scrolling Twitter, a habit I really need to break.

I decided to make an all handpan mix. The vibe is slow and relaxing. Sometimes handpan players can show off with their hands racing around the instrument to create intricate patterns. That style has its place but not in this mix. I tried to keep the pace slow and the vibe relaxing. 

I can imagine some folks complaining that it all sounds the same. But that's what I like about this mix - it feels like one long handpan track. I can really zone out to it.

Here are links to all the albums used in this mix in the order in which they appear:

Kick back and come along on this relaxing handpan journey.


T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Laura Inserra - Passage I (Musical Incense vol. 1)
  • 05:40    Christopher Of The Wolves - Dream Sequence (Rhythms Of Sleep)
  • 13:52    James Hood - Stereoscopic Mindgasm (Pure Ceremony)
  • 18:10    Calm Whale - Awaken Earth - Handpan Journey
  • 30:45    Laura Inserra - Passage III (Musical Incense vol. 1)
  • 40:15    Christopher Of The Wolves - Surrender (Reiki - Healing Music)
  • 51:12    James Hood - 12 Uses of Time (Pure Ceremony)
  • 59:00    Ravid Goldschmidt - Calm Upon You(hang solo) (Calm Upon You)
  • 63:45    end

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