Sunday, July 31, 2022

That Beautiful Land of Nod Vol. 2

About a month ago I presented a guest mix of sleep music from Brian Bieniowski, whom I know from the heyday of the Hypnos Records forum in the mid 2000s. "That Beautiful Land of Nod" is indeed a beautiful sleep mix. 

Thankfully, back in 2007 Brian created two Land of Nod mixes. So here is volume 2 for your listening and sleeping pleasure.

Here is what Brian said about the Land of Nod mixes back in 2007:

"It wasn't until the early nineties when I discovered real ambient music suited for the purpose of lying down and listening. It felt finally natural to take to my bed after starting the CD player and allowing the soft music to carry my mind forth for a while until sleep took hold. This mix, That Beautiful Land of Nod, is the product of over twelve years of "field research" in ambient sleep music. All of the selections, new and old, on these two discs, are pieces of music I have personally played in the times before and during sleep. Each track is special to me, these soothing zones, as they have not only brought me hours of comforted sleep, but also tantalizing, never-lasting minutes of wild and wonderful imagery in those moments before unconsciousness occurs. Each track maps a route across my consciousness over twelve years of sleep listening. It is my honest hope that this becomes the mix you never fully listen to—if you are at all like me, you'll be asleep by track five or six every time. So, please, draw the shades, relax, pleasant dreams...."


[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Jochem Paap - Dx-Snth (Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 9598 2)
  • 05:45    Jason Sloan - The Color of Wind 1 (Still)
  • 11:45    Sam Rosenthal & VidnaObmana - Dark Mist, Rain (Terrace of Memories)
  • 16:15    Bill Nelson - Crimsworth(edit) (Crimsworth)
  • 22:30    James Johnson - Surrender(edit) (Surrender)
  • 26:20    Aphex Twin - #19(edit) (Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2)
  • 29:10    Rod Modell & Michael Mantra - Vitamin K(edit) (Sonic Continuum)
  • 33:30    Ruxpin - Autocaz (Midnight Drive)
  • 38:30    Never Known - Spheres (On the Edge of Forever)
  • 43:10    Oƶphoi - Let the Nightsky Envelope Us (Hymns to a Silent Sky)
  • 49:40    Mathias Grassow - Through the Void (The Fragrance of Eternal Roses)
  • 55:12    Aloof Proof - The Ghost Ship(edit) (Expo Two: Piano Text)
  • 58:55    David Sylvian - Approaching Silence(edit) (Approaching Silence)
  • 65:00    Steve Roach - Towards the Blue (Quiet Music)
  • 68:23    end


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Brian for his lasting impact on drift ambient mix culture, and to Low Light for being the king of it for about 15 years now. I know just what it means that you never really listen to it... you intend to, then... ha

Low Light Mixes said...

Thanks for your kind comments & for listening for all these years. It's really crazy how long this has been going on. Cheers!

The Interstellar Radio Station said...

Great addition to sleeper mixes on the blog. I think this sleeper lasts into the morning hours though, where penultimate Sylvian gives us 4 alarm clock wake-up calls, and thereafter we slip into the shower first thing with the Roach.