Sunday, January 17, 2021

flicker moments passing - a halftribe guest mix


I've been a fan of halftribe(Ryan Bissett) ever since he approached me about doing a guest mix roughly 6 years ago - whoa, blows my mind that it was that long ago. Whether it's deep & dubby or straight up ambient, halftribe has released some of my favorite albums over the last 5 or 6 years. So I was excited when Ryan agreed to do a guest mix. 

Here's what Ryan said about the mix:

"It's been a little while since I put a mix together as I've been mostly just working on my next album. It's even longer since I did a mix for someone else's show, so this mix really just showcases the types of sound that are floating my boat at the minute."

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T R A C K L I S T:

  • 00'00 Jens Pauly - Fairge
  • 06'03 Tapes & Topographies - Pulse Of Durations
  • 10'00 Andrew Heath - Signals And Beacons
  • 14'55 Carlo Giustini - A Letizia
  • 19'49 Jogging House - Air
  • 24'07 Moss Covered Technology - Untitled Quiet Loop #6
  • 31'01 Max Ananyev - Images In Time
  • 36'02 Halftribe - Flickering Moments Passing
  • 41'13 Caught In The Wake Forever - The Houses Here Have Changed Lately
  • 47'24 John Hays & Maxy Dutcher - Arch Dance
  • 52'22 Innesti - Compelled By Indifference
  • 1'00'00 SineRider - Lapis

1 comment:

The Interstellar Radio Station said...

Now see here - guests are not immune to review and comments! Until the title is realized as a Halftribe cut, it conjures up 100 bpm containing the word flickering. Surprisingly the mix is by and large one of slow motion. That is, until we get to 42:30, where we must blink our meditating eyes, and 44:30 where we get a backbeat. Hays/Ducher has us fully awake, but then the gorgeous Innesti ennobles and tranquilizes us again. To make the mix more cohesive, you may consider removing or replacing the Caught and the Hays/Ducher, its difficult to see how they can be made to coexist with the others. Best they be replaced by more Halftribe content.

Another thing noticed is the Jogging House (and to minor extent the Giustini) has hiss and distortion reminiscent of vinyl ruined by a worn needle. It's not clear whether this was original or intended or not, but was a bit unsettling.

Thanks for producing this and bringing us some wonderful tracks - hopefully you can come back one day soon with a mix of all Halftribe content?