Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Night Absolves


Off-kilter, strange, a bit askew, weird, oblique - are all ways to describe this mix. It's a little creepy too which makes for a perfect mix for Spooky Season.

To create a Halloween mix it would be easy to grab some dark, dissonant ambient but as I've said before I'm not a dark ambient fan. So I went for the same feel I have used in the past - tunes that are a bit off-center. Tunes that make you think of midnight, distant headlights in the fog, street lamps and cigarette smoke.

I hope you enjoy the mix and play it during dias de los muertos.


[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Seabuckthorn - It Will Be Dark By Then (Other Other 2020)
  • 03:11    Brombaer - Triangle of Land (2013)
  • 07:44    Coti - Sine Shadows (Metamemoria 2020)
  • 11:55    Luton - Spectres of Mark (Black Box Animals 2018)
  • 14:05    Shadowdream - The Obsession Begins Tomorrow (The Sunsettler's Motel 2016)
  • 19:06    Labradford - G (Mi Media Naranja 1997)
  • 22:30    Pjusk - Dempet (Sart 2007)
  • 25:25    Several Wives - End Song (Veil on Veil 2020)
  • 26:30    Arve Henriksen - Recording Angel (Cartography 2008)
  • 28:24    Mikael Lind - Piano Says Goodbye (Give Shape to Space 2020)
  • 32:00    Harold Budd with Zeitgeist - Emboldened/My Dreams Perish (She Is A Phantom 1994)
  • 34:08    Arms And Sleepers - Atelier (The Organ Hearts 2011)
  • 36:13    Shadowdream - The Hour of the Wolf, Alfa and Omega (The Sunsettler's Motel 2016)
  • 38:34    William Ryan Fritch - Unraveling (The Letdown 2020)
  • 40:07    Wanderwelle - Decay (A State of Decrepitude 2020)
  • 44:00    The Insects - Ad Infinitum Ad Nauseam (Devs Original Series Soundtrack 2020)
  • 45:28    Several Wives - An Intermission (Veil on Veil 2020)
  • 46:05    Grails - Bad Bhang Recipe (Black Tar Prophecies Vols 1, 2, 3 2006)
  • 47:54    Eli Keszler - We Live In Pathetic Temporal Urgency (Stadium 2018)
  • 53:41    Calexico - Longboard (The Thread That Keeps Us 2018)
  • 56:18    Daniel Lanois - Sketches (Belladonna 2005)
  • 60:30    end


Rob Purssey said...

Don't know i've ever said THANKS!!!
Your mixes soundtrack my most days
Work days, while working, and ... appreciating
today shared with 10, 12 yo boys
earlier my older kids,
your taste, mixing, feel for the music

Rob Purssey said...

hoping the Biden/Harris transition okay in your neck
and ... can we wish for the senate? thank you for being there
and for the incredible years of extraordinary bliss you provide
i'm sure i speak for hundreds of others, appreciating your work
and - ain't your day job! a labor of love, and gosh it shows
with such gratitude, from rob p, in Brisbane Australia :)

Low Light Mixes said...

Rob - Thank you sooooo much for your very kind comment! It really means a lot to mean to know that my mixes have connected with folks out in the world. I think it's so cool that you are sharing the music with your boys. My kids couldn't help but absorb some of my strange taste in music. Both of them are now in creative fields possibly due to the relentless barrage of oddball music I subjected them to over the years.

Biden victory has definitely lifted our spirits around Low Light headquarters and I hope the good vibes reach al the way to Brisbane.

Thanks again for making my day/week/month/year with your lovely comment. Cheers!

The Interstellar Radio Station said...

"So I went for the same feel I have used in the past ... Tunes that make you think of midnight, distant headlights in the fog, street lamps and cigarette smoke."

-Very well, you are absolved.

InternerdX said...

2nd time around listening to this noirish ambience, so good. Thanks for putting it together. Cinemateque masterclass.