Sunday, October 16, 2016

still falls the rain 2016

Back in 2009 I did a guest mix for Subversion called Still Falls the Rain.  When a regular listener/downloader was looking for a replacement file for one that he had lost I realized that I'd never properly uploaded it to my own archive or to Mixcloud. 

So I dug up the file from 2009, added a few more tracks and uploaded for your listening pleasure.  Good timing too, because it's been raining a lot here so it fits perfectly.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00     August Stars – Inland Rain
  • 04:25     Part Timer – Rain on My Window
  • 06:50     Letna – Raining Day
  • 09:30     Jon Hassell – Delta Rain Dream
  • 12:55     Manual - After the Rain
  • 14:00     Mark McGuire – A Pocket Full of Rain
  • 15:20     Sense - Early Rain
  • 19:00     Cyber Zen Sound Engine & Matt Borghi – Endless Rain
  • 22:10     Foxx & Budd – Raindust
  • 27:55     Jeff Pearce – Rainshadow Sky
  • 30:22    Giovanni Guidi Trio - The night it rained forever
  • 37:40    experiments in silence - as gentle rain falls
  • 47:56    Ryuichi Sakamoto - After the Rain
  • 48:43   end


Unknown said...

Hi Dave, Just discovered your website, Low Light Mixes via Mixcloud. Great stuff! I could spend the next six months doing nothing but listening to your mixes....which is why I never go on Utube. I especially like the download feature (which is not available on Hearts of Space, the only online radio I listen to), because my internet connection is very slow and the music keeps getting interrupted while the streaming catches up. Thanks for all your work--and the gift it is to the world. --Paul

Low Light Mixes said...

Hi Paul, Sorry I didn't see this post until just now, notifications have been going into junk mail folder for some reason. Anyway, like I said on Mixcloud, thanks for listening & thanks for your support. I'm glad you are making use of the download feature of the blog. I've often wondered whether it's worth it to keep the downloads active as Mixcloud seems to have taken over but I know that many folks still like the downloads & I know I use it on others blogs. Thanks again for listening/downloading. Cheers!

Chris said...

Nice show. Here in Portland for years we had a show on KINK radio called "Lights Out" which featured some ambient music played in the later evening. They would sometimes do "rain sets" where they would play such music to rain sounds, similar to this show.

Two other pieces that come to mind with this theme. One is Wendy Carlos' "Spring" from Sonic Seasonings which I think does an amazing job of capturing the feel of the season, utilizing, in part, a rainstorm. The second is a bit more esoteric, but Eberhard Schoener's Sky Music/Mountain Music to me is very reminiscent of rainfall and I have often listened to it in the rain (and played it over a rainstorm soundtrack back when I had a radio show in college).