Sunday, December 06, 2015

The moon plays the ocean like a violin

As with all mixes this one had a specific starting point or inspiration - the incredible new album from Max Richter - Sleep.  It's 8 hours long!  8 hours!  Here's a link to purchase the full version...

I'm a sucker for high concept projects so I was interested from the start.  Add that to the fact that I am a fan of Richter's music and I knew I'd probably love it.  And yup, I do.  It's the perfect combination of Richter's classical style with an ambient sensibility.  

I knew I had to make a mix with tracks from the Sleep album.  I decided to keep the whole mix in the classical realm.  A lot of the tunes are new like the Besarin Quartet stuff.  Some cuts I've been waiting to use for awhile now, like the John Luther Adams cut.

As much as I like the Max Richter tracks I think my favorite track in the mix is Pie Jesu.  The cut is from The Wine of Silence by Andrew Keeling, David Singleton and Robert Fripp.  The music is based on Fripp's soundscape series, guitar improvisations that use tape loops and echo and reverb.  From there Keeling and Singleton scored the soundscapes for orchestra.  They finally subjected the orchestral recording to further electronic manipulation.  The result is transcendent.  It's a beautiful, beautiful album.

The title of the mix comes from a favorite Andrew Bird song, Night Sky, and I thought it fit somehow.  I really like the way each piece dissolves into the next on this mix.  I hope you like it too.


[ s t r e a m ]   [ d o w n l o a d ]   [ i t u n e s ]

 T R A C K L I S T

    • 00:00 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Farwell at Tinguit
    • 02:15 Max Richter - Patterns(cypher)
    • 05:55 David Wingo - Opening(Take Shelter ost)
    • 06:55 John Luther Adams - The Light that Fills the World
    • 11:20 Bersarin Quartet - die nachte sind erfullt...
    • 15:50 Brambles - Such Owls as You
    • 20:25 Metropole Orkest - An Ending
    • 24:30 Fripp, Keeling, Singleton - Pie Jesu
    • 31:35 Max Richter - Nor Earth, Nor Boundless Sea
    • 39:05 Olan Mill - Tallole
    • 42:30 Aphex Twin - Rhubarb orc. 19.53 rev
    • 48:35 Keaton Henson - Elevator Song
    • 51:40 Bersarin Quartet - verflossen ist das gold der tage
    • 54:55 Islands of Light - Gypta


      janus said...

      It's strange but on Mixcloud they mention "An ending" by the Metropole Orkest; and this track isn't mentioned on your list here in the post.
      What happened?

      Low Light Mixes said...

      Thanks for catching that! I wrote a draft of this post and then ended up changing the mix and the tracklist but forgot that I had started this post a few weeks ago.

      The tracklist here should be accurate now.

      Thanks again for the heads up on the discrepancy and thanks for listening.

      Rejean said...

      Splendid mix!

      Low Light Mixes said...

      Thanks Rejean, glad you liked it!

      Violins said...

      Thank you for the interesting article