Sunday, May 03, 2015

Drawn from Dust

Benoît Pioulard has two new albums out & they are both wonderful.  It was after hearing "Sonnet" that I decided to make a mix that featured the same sort of dusty, slightly noisy ambient tunes.

You can find his album "Sonnet" on Amazon here...

And his latest, "Stanza" here...

Stanza is a companion piece to Sonnet.  I didn't even know about it until I went looking for links for this post.  I'm so glad that I found it but I wish I'd found it sooner, then I could have worked a track from it into this mix.

Basically the mix is a collection of tunes that falls in line with the sound of those two Benoît Pioulard albums - kind of hazy and dusty.


T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Benoit Pioulard - Shut-ins on Sunday See
  • 03:03    Heezen - 3 hrs
  • 07:24    36 - Neon Sunset
  • 10:30    The Green Kingdom - untitled(remix by segue)
  • 15:00    Assembler-Responder - Palmer Station
  • 17:40    Taylor Deupree - thaw
  • 25:05    Otto A Totland - Flomé
  • 27:27    Janek Schaefer - Unfolding Honey
  • 32:20    Porya Hatami - White Forest
  • 34:30    Letna - deliblatska pescara
  • 36:17    Maps And Diagrams - Tauragnas
  • 38:10    Alva Noto - Exoshpere
  • 40:20    Jon Hassel - Map of Dusk(stretched & remixed)
  • 44:25    Caught In The Wake Forever - Sun Downing
  • 46:00    Solo Andata - At Commissure
  • 50:00    Benoit Pioulard - Reliquary(Benoit Pioulard remix)
  • 54:54    Lissom - Hollow of Winter
  • 58:28    Shortwave Music - stretched
  • 60:39    end


Anonymous said...

I have some problem with download link - any chance for fix? Anyway thanks for all the great mixes!

Low Light Mixes said...

I just did a test download, right-click save-as, and it worked fine. Maybe the server was temporarily down. Give it another try, hopefully it will work for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reply. I tried by proxy and...downloading. Sorry for fasle alarm.