Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rivers Flow

Cedar Creeek in Cedarburg, WI.
 This mix ended up in a different place than when it started.  I have folder in my prospective mix bin called "just plain old good ambient."  It had a few tracks in it & I sat down with it intending to make a mix with that "theme" in mind.

But then when I got to tracks #5, the Jasper, TX track, I started to hear something else happening.  It was the title of track #5, "Rivers Flow," that gave me the idea of where this mix really wanted to go.  It was taking me downstream.  Floating, drifting, flowing downstream.

I listened to the cut already laid down and sure enough they did fit with a river theme.  After deciding on the new direction I sought out a few more tracks and.. TA DA!  A new mix with a flowing river theme.

The mix contains some low light regulars like Eno and Maps & Diagrams.  The Kiln track I've been hanging on to for a long time, waiting for the right spot & I think this is it.  The first cut is from Lowercase Noises, an artist I discovered on Bandcamp.  Check him out here...Lowercase Noises.

Next up, a Sci Fi mix for Josh at Nocturne Records.

[ s t r e a m ]  [ d o w n l o a d ]   [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Lowercase Noises - Ambient songs 01
  • 05:15    Kiln - Drala
  • 07:15    Michael Brook - Mimosa
  • 12:40    Field Rotation - Repetition of History
  • 17:00    Jasper, TX - Rivers Flow
  • 21:45    Xela - The Only Rose
  • 24:10    Gagarin - An Tarbet
  • 28:50    Maps & Diagrams - Searching Faraway Places
  • 30:50    Brian Eno - Unfamiliar Wind
  • 35:10    Benoit Pioulard - If I could possibly tell the difference
  •   I wouldn't care anyway
  • 39:40    The Green Kingdom - Kalimba Sketch
  • 43:05    Noto & Sakamoto - By This River (phantom)
  • 46:00    Aglaia - On the Banks of a River
  • 49:33    Martin Herterich - Silent Fields 2
  • 55:15    Brian Eno - Riverside
  • 58:37    end


Muttley said...

Listening now :)

Muttley said...
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Muttley said...

The Field Rotation track is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely mix Dave. Really calming

Tonepoet said...

The Lowercase Noises stuff is great, bought Blake a month ago or so. Good to have artistic competition like that guy around!! Thanks, Dave!