Friday, March 04, 2011

Kyle Bobby Dunn Live!

Kyle Bobby Dunn & Phantom Fauna St. Augustine Catholic Church
116 6th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY

I know this is late notice but this sounds like a great show for anyone interested in the music of Kyle Bobby Dunn. Looks like a great venue & it's FREE!

Here are a couple of questions & answers with Kyle from a NYC website...

You're performing at the St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in Park Slope on March 5. How did you come across this space? Why did you choose it?

I live quite close to it and upon wandering around the quiet neighborhood one day I found it staring down at my pitiful ass. I was amazed by its sheer size and build. I think churches are an ideal space for my sound.

Back in September you played at the First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights with a small ensemble. What sort of instrumentation will you have for the March 5 performance?

This will be simply guitar arrangements and some processors. Maybe a little organ.


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