Sunday, February 13, 2011

slow & sleepy

Yah! A new mix finally! I've been ridiculously busy lately(10 days at the Super Bowl) so haven't been able to do much mixing. Hopefully that will change.

This is another mix where the title says it all...slow & sleepy.

Pretty straight forward ambient with long, stretched out chords, slow motion sounds to suspend consciousness.

Many of the tracks used here are new or fairly new. A lot of good music has been released in the last few months. I'll have to dive in & come up with some new mixes. I'm sort of planning a neo-classical mix, electronic beats, classic jazz, mellow prog rock, etc.

For now I hope you enjoy slow & sleepy.

[ s t r e a m ] | [ d o w n l o a d ] | [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00 Kyle Bobby Dunn - Remnants
  • 05:20 Wouter Veldhuis - Satumaa
  • 09:30 Celer - A Lifetime of Wasted Breaths
  • 14:30 Grasslung - When We Were Young
  • 20:45 Wixel - Melsbroek
  • 22:15 Simon Scott - Silenne
  • 28:00 Gareth Hardwick - London 220109
  • 34:45 Alio Die & Zeit - punto di fusione
  • 41:45 Danny Saul - kinison (part 2)
  • 43:00 Listening Mirror - Cast Off
  • 48:30 Hakobune - a yearlong thought
  • 52:00 Stephan Mathieu - Minuet
  • 1:00:00 end


Jens Alfke said...

Thanks! This sounds like just the ticket. I recognize a few names but haven't heard any of these tracks yet.

(I can't remember whether I've remembered to thank you for any of your previous mixes, but I've listened to most of them and there are several that have become favorites. So thanks!)

Tonepoet said...

My sick daughter woke me up (it's 2:45, I have to 'wake up' in 3 hours) and I came downstairs to the gift of the perfect mix just now. Very nice, thank you!

Low Light Mixes said...

Jens - I'm so glad you like the mixes. I have several of yours in my collection as well. I'm particularly fond of '80 - '82 & 1983, as they bring back great memories of college. I'll definitely have to catch up & download a bunch of your mixes from the last 2 years.

Thanks again.

tonepoet - glad "slow & sleepy" could help.

Nocturne Records said...

Hey Dave,
Thanks for all the great mixes, over the past year or so you have exposed me to a great deal of new music and helped to discover and explore the ambient genre in general.

Uncle john said...

every day I check to see if there is a new mix... this latest one certainly didn't disappoint!

thank you!

Andi Chapple said...

Dave - thanks for the mix, I listened with pleasure. you matched things up very nicely and kept the mood. I particularly enjoyed the tracks by Gareth Hardwick and Listening Mirror, two names I hadn't heard before. best wishes, Andi