Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best of 2010 - ambient

Here is the obligatory top ten list for the end of the year. I might do a quick mix before the end of the year to highlight some of the releases on the list.

It was another good year for music, although nothing stood out as a new trend or a ground breaking recording.
Alio Die put out a bunch of excellent recordings that I'm just trying to keep up with. Under the Spire & Low Point each had 3 recordings make the list, all of them are excellent. It was nice to see Hypnos back on the list with their wonderful release, Herion - Out & About.

Another label worth mentioning is
Audio Gourmet, a new netlabel that produces a ton of quality releases. Label owner, Harry Towell, also made the list with his own release, Spheruleus - Frozen Quarters.

The ambient best of list is a bit long so I'm not going to make comments about each release, I'm getting lazy as I get older.
Feel free to add your own lists in the comments.

Top Ambient Releases of 2010:


Julian / LMYE said...

Dave, many thanks for this great list! Alarming degree of overlap with Lend Me Your Ears' top picks - or at least there will be once we finally get them up (before Christmas, hopefully)...

Missed the Marcus Fisher & some others, though. So will have to hunt them down.

Given your choices, our label of the year feature (again, forthcoming - ahem) should also be of interest.

Thanks too for some epic mixes this year - not least the recent 'in foreign lands'.

Anonymous said...

found out about your blog through a posting on have *really* been enjoying listening to your mixes. thank you very much for posting these.

Low Light Mixes said...


I'll keep my eyes on your blog for your list. Glad u like the mixes especially "foreign lands" it's one of my favorites of the year. Maybe I should do a list of my top 5 fav mixes.

Julian / LMYE said...

Dave, would love to see your pick of this year's mixes!

LMYE's label of the year feature on Low Point is up now ( - our festive 50 to follow...

Steven said...

Hey Dave

Besides Kyle Bobby Dunn, Brian McBride and Pausal I don't know any of your best of picks. But I love this because now I have a huge list of stuff to check out (and will likely fall in love with).

I did like KBD and McBride a lot. I have to say that the Loscil album was also something that I thought was excellent too.

Anonymous said...

the new kyle bobby dunn and hipgrave albums on low point were a serious high point - as was kranky's stellar output of loscil and mcbride. great list.