Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a canticle unfolds

I love all the mixes being posted on Mixcloud by Fluid Radio. They have a ton of neo-classical, Ambient, Modern Classical, Experimental Acoustic mixes on their Mixcloud page. So I set out to make my own "neo-classical" mix. And as I have said here before, sometimes mixes take you in directions that you weren't anticipating.

With "a canticle unfolds", I discovered some vocal music as I was searching for tracks with a modern classical feel. Some of the tunes appear as recorded, others have been altered or remixed a bit. In the end, I ended up with 10 vocal cuts.

This mix started out fairly straight forward, turned into an experiment and ended up as a nice listening experience. I hope you like it.

Download(right click/save as) : 110mb, 60:12
a canticle unfolds

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00 The Hilliard Ensemble & Ivan Moody - Canticum Canticorum Remixed
  • 03:40 Misound - sonno
  • 05:30 Satie - Gnossienne Remixed
  • 08:00 Nest - Marefjellet
  • 12:00 Ambrose Field - La Dolce Vita
  • 14:30 Gavin Byars Remixed
  • 17:30 Morton Feldman - Rothko Chapel 5
  • 21:00 Akira Rabelais - 1382_wyclif_gen._ii._7
  • 24:30 Panoptique Electrical - the free form
  • 29:40 Chorovaya Akademia - Nine Sili Nebesniye 1
  • 32:40 Gavin Byars - Epilogue from Wonder Lawn
  • 39:10 Bach Remixed
  • 39:35 Roedelius - Lustwandel
  • 43:15 Andrei Machado - ecce homo
  • 47:30 Arvo Part - O Adonai
  • 49:50 Annelies Monsere - 7
  • 52:20 Debussy - des pas sur la neise
  • 57:00 John Tavener - Mother & Child
  • 60:12 end

11 comments: said...

I'm especially impressed by the Chorovaya Akademia track. Can you tell me where (on what album) it can be found?

Low Light Mixes said...

Just in case my reply didn't make thru the normal email channels, I'll respond here as well.


It's from an album called "Ancient Echoes". Here is the link...



Headphone Commute said...

Whoah! Going to have to check this out!

Headphone Commute said...

Hmmm... What's happening at 14:06 in the mix? So far it was absolutely amazing!!! Messed up on the fading? Can you still fix??? [feel free to delete this comment after]

Low Light Mixes said...
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Low Light Mixes said...

Crap! You're absolutely right, the fade up at 14:06 is messed up. I'll have to fix it & re-upload on Wednesday. Thanks for catching that!

Petersen said...

Fantastic mix!

Regards from germany.

Ryno D. Bones said...

That was a very nice mix. I've been listening to it with my students today and they're not complaining....And these kids always complain. You have impressed an entire class of inner-city 5th graders.

Low Light Mixes said...

Wow! I never would have pictured a bunch of 5th graders listening to this mix. You must be on hell of a teacher to get them to listen to it. Very cool, thanks for the comments! Ask the kids if they have any ideas for other themes for mixes.

Alexander S. Kunz said...

I always like to know what's playing. I'm using foobar2000 which supports cuesheets and I created a cuesheet for this mix which I'd like to contribute:


Low Light Mixes said...


Thanks for the cue sheet. I am not familiar with how cue sheets work but I've just downloaded foobar so I'm looking forward to figuring it out. Thanks.