Saturday, July 05, 2008

a scattering of ashes

There is no clever theme to this new mix. I noticed a similar feel to much of the new music I was listening to so I decided to cobble it together in a mix.

All of the music in this mix is new, either 2007 or 2008, except for the Andrew Deutsch cut which is from 2005(although it is new to me).

The music in this mix has a sort of subdued, orchestral fell to it. I started thinking about this mix listening to the new Deaf Center release. Layers of strings create a beautiful, melancholy experience. That pretty much describes the rest of the music in this mix.

Download(right click/save as) :
a scattering of ashes 109mg, 59:53

T R A C K L I S T :

00:00 Emanuele Errante - leaves
01:25 Deaf Center - Vintage Well
06:10 Bersarin Quartet - es kann nicht ewig winter sein
09:45 mwvm - context where
17:50 Andrew Deutsch - untilted #1(from cd "The Sun")
26:00 Svarte Greiner - kobbergruve....
29:20 Jasper, TX - things could stay
37:30 Emanuele Errante - lucus
49:10 Deaf Center - ashes
50:30 Stars of the Lid - slight on the childproof
55:00 Bersarin Quartet - Inversion


Ephraim Gadsby said...

Blimey! I've hardly begun to digest the Retroact mix and you've done another! Downloading now but the Tracklist alreadt has me salivating.......


Unknown said...

Besarin Quartet and Emanuele Errante were new to me and welcome discoveries. Many thanks for yet another fine mix.

Low Light Mixes said...


I love those two albums & they are one of the main reasons for doing this mix. I'm glad you have discovered them. I think I may have put an Emanuele Errante tune in the Migrations mix as well.