Thursday, April 05, 2007

New cd's

I've been listening to a couple excellent cd's the past few days & because they are on small record labels I figured I'd give them a big recommendation here.

The first is Loren Dent - Empires & Milk on Contract Killers Records - a very nice ambient recording. It combines ambient electronics, drones & some acoustic elements, for a nice dreamy listening experience. It's beautiful, floating music with enough grit & feedback to keep it from being too sweet. More info here...

The other disc is Bexar Bexar - Tropism on Own Records - another beautiful recording. This one also combines electronics & acoustic instruments, mostly acoustic guitar. The guitar here is more out front & the electronics & drones are background & coloring. This cd is not as purely ambient as the Loren Dent release. But it is just as beautiful & more melancholy. Tropism also uses some grit & feedback to keep things interesting. Info here...

Two wonderful recordings.

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Anonymous said...

he, glad you've enjoyed the Bexar Bexar album: simply magnificient !
I have to download your piano mix, according to the tracklist it sounds good ;-)