Sunday, May 30, 2010

Concerto for this & that

Modern-classical, neo-classical, acousmatic, electro-acoustic, ...whatever you want to call the genre, I think this mix fits.

You'll hear lots of strings, some piano, some beats and more strings. It has a vague sort of chamber music feel to it. The mix takes a detour about halfway through with the Pjusk track. It's a good tune but doesn't necessarily fit the modern classical theme of the mix. But I think it flows well with the other tracks around it.

A lot of music I have been listening to sort of falls into this neo-classical/acoustic category so this was just a chance to get some of it out there in a mix.


(right click/save as) : 80mb, 58:06

Concerto for this & that

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Panoptique Electrical - Framed by Clouds
  • 07:23 Bersarin Quartet - Was uns Bleibt
  • 10:45 Murcof - Rios
  • 18:40 Olan Mill - Flume
  • 21:00 Talvihorros - Thoughts of Violence
  • 24:45 M. Ostermeier - Competing Memories, Both Correct
  • 30:00 Part Timer - Orchard (scrumped)
  • 31:00 Pjusk - Sus
  • 35:25 M. Ostermeier - September Again
  • 39:20 Danny Norbury - Speak, Memory
  • 44:00 Panoptique Electrical - The Free Form
  • 50:40 Loscil - Endless Falls
  • 58:06 end

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This one looks lovely.

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