Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sunday Morning Music Vol.2

On Sundays I don't do anything useful until noon.  I read the paper, listen to music, read a book, sort & catalog my mp3's, sit out on the deck, etc.

This mix is a soundtrack for Sunday mornings.  Some instrumental tunes, some vocal tracks.  All of it mellow & laid back.  Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

When I did my first Sunday morning mix I wasn't really sure if I even liked it.  Then it turned out to be the most listened to mix I've ever had at Mixcloud.  Go figure.

Vol. 2 starts with one of my favorite songs of all time, John Martyn's "Small Hours".  I think that was the tune that got me into John Martyn in the first place.  There are several covers in the mix.  The most unusual being Evan Chapman's percussion cover of Bon Iver's Holocene.  Evan has a bunch of videos up on his youtube channel that are worth watching.  One of my favorites is "Opening" by Philip Glass.  I'll definitely have to work some more Evan's covers into other mixes.

Speaking of Bon Iver, there's another cover in the mix with Peter Gabriel doing "Flume" and then Gabriel gets covered by Twin Shadows doing "Here Comes the Flood."  And we have another Bon Iver tune, this time done live by Justin Vernon & Sean Carey for 4AD sessions.

There are two other tracks also taken from live sessions, Daughter - In The Shallows from a Daytrotter session and Iron & Wine - Tree by the River from a 4AD session.  All three live tunes are cool because they are so organic & intimate.

Enjoy volume 2 in the Sunday morning music series.

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    John Martyn - Small Hours 
  • 08:25    Brian Eno - and then so clear 
  • 13:55    Evan Chapman - Holocene (Bon Iver cover) 
  • 17:40    Iron & Wine - Tree by the River (4AD session) 
  • 21:05    Bill Frisell - Arkansas (part 1) 
  • 22:52    Sun Ra - Yesterdays 
  • 26:48    Twin Shadows - Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel cover) 
  • 30:36    Vieo Abiungo - Drowsy Salted Mornings (Tokyo Bloodworm Remix) 
  • 34:33    Daughter - In The Shallows (Daytotter session) 
  • 40:10    JBM - Sunset Rocks 
  • 42:00    David Holmes - The Ballad of Sarah & Jack 
  • 46:18    Peter Gabriel - Flume (Bon Iver cover) 
  • 49:05    Nils Frahm - For 
  • 52:35    Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX(4AD/Jagjaguwar session) 
  • 55:35    Vijay Iyer Trio - The Village of Virgins 
  • 1:00:44    end


Tonepoet said...

Yeah, great chill mix. The best part: the picture of the pancakes. Make them every Sunday for the wife (and bacon for the kids). Thanks, Dave!

Low Light Mixes said...

Haha! Glad you like the mix & the pic. Only a few of the pix I use here are one that I shot myself. So I'm glod you like this one because it's one of mine.

Anonymous said...

Yet another perfect mix from you Dave, the tunes you pick fit into your themes like a glove.

Just my opinion but Part 2 is better than Part 1 for me. And I think more underwater themed mixes like Beneath the Surface are called for!

Anonymous said...

Great mix, I like your effort (I suggest you something of Sakamoto).



sweetnothingsinthewind said...

Thanks so much!