Sunday, February 12, 2012

Space Station Time Lapse

This post is a bit different.  No mix this time, instead a video that I edited Saturday afternoon.

I saw a post at Wired about a new time lapse video shot on the International Space Station.  I have always loved those fly over vids so I decided to collect some of the best & edit them to some music.

Actually, picking out the music was the hardest part.  There were a number of directions I could have school space music, drifting ambient,  electronica that builds to an emotional crescendo, a vocal tunes perhaps?  I couldn't decide!  I ended up with this piece by Ryan Teague called "Neo".  It works well because it's easy to edit to.  However, the images are so beautiful that I could have picked just about anything and it would be fun to watch.

Hope you like it.


tonepoet said...

Great, I love it!! I wouldn't mind seeing more of this kind of thing every now and then.

Dave said...

Glad you liked it! I'm definitely planning on doing more of this kind of stuff. It's just a matter of finding time.

Next one might be hubble telescope pix with space music.

tonepoet said...

I did a video a while back of shots from and of the Hubble set to some Brian Eno. That's a good choice. Cheers, my friend!