Sunday, September 12, 2010

silent sorrow in empty boats

I have always loved a little known Genesis tune called "Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats". The last song on the end of side three(vinyl), it's a 3 minute instrumental that is more ambient than old prog rock.

I remember a thread at the Hypnos forum, a long time ago, that was asking for a list of the best ambient tracks by non-ambient artists. I can't find the list or the thread but I think I added artists like Radiohead, Daryl Hall, Peter Gabriel, etc. I think "Silent Sorrow" may be the best ambient track by a non-ambient artist.

I'm working on a mellow prog rock mix that I'm sure will include this Genesis tune as well.

Anyway, I've always wanted to use it in a mix so here it is. I used the track as the title for this mix but the music doesn't necessarily take on the sorrowful feel that the title suggests. I can personally attest to the fact that this mix works very for sleeping. Enjoy.

Download (right click/save as) : 84mb, 60:46

silent sorrow in empty boats

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Genesis - Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
  • 02:45 Slow Dancing Society - and to the dust shall we return
  • 08:45 Alio Die - In the Labyrinth Garden
  • 15:00 Christopher Willits - Flowers into Stardust
  • 19:45 Pulusha - Isolation, pt. 1
  • 29:25 Christopher Hipgrave - Time & Distance
  • 30:45 Tim Hecker - Incurably Optimistic
  • 35:45 36 - Lightout
  • 37:35 Deepchord presents Echospace - untitled #5
  • 40:15 John Foxx & Harold Budd - Raindust
  • 45:25 Celer - A Lifetime of Wasted Breaths
  • 49:45 Gareth Hardwick - 5 points
  • 59:36 Genesis - reprise of Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
  • 1:00:46 end


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Srdic said...

Loving this. Thanks so much.
The Genesis tune is a beauty too.

Chrissy Brand said...

Simply stunning mix, thank you so much- Silent sorrow's one of my all time faves.

Anonymous said...

The title comes from a lyric in the prior song, "The Lamia," where the Lamia creatures die after tasting Rael's blood in an implied sexual encounter with him:

"Each empty snakelike body floats, silent sorrow in empty boats. A sickly sourness fills the room. The bitter harvest of a dying bloom."

Arguably their most poetic lines in the entire history of the band.

Thanks for posting.

Dave Michuda said...

I totally agree!! That line is is one of my all time fav Genesis lyrics. And The Lamia is one of my fav Genesis tunes. Thanks for listening and commenting!