Friday, July 30, 2010

ambient A to Z

I wanted to do a new mix but had no new ideas. I was staring at my computer monitor with it's big folder full of ambient music, all of it in alphabetical order. Then it hit me, I'll just do a nice, simple A to Z mix of a variety of ambient tunes.

It was fun because I ended up using some tracks & artists that I've never put in a mix before, such as Eberhard Schoener, Christopher Short, Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn, Quosp, Ulf Lohman. Of course I also worked in old standbys like Basinski, Goldmund, Loscil, and Yagya.

I had to split the mix into two separate tracks to keep it from being 2 hours long. So part 1 is A thru M & part 2 is N thru Z.

If any readers/listeners have ideas for mixes please let me know. A few ideas in the early stages are and ambient vocal mix &/or slow/quiet vocal tunes, alien landscapes, slow beats, sleep tunes, progressive rock vol. 2. Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated. In the meantime, enjoy A to M (N to Z will be the next post).

Download (right click/save as) : 72mb, 57:00
A to M
N to Z

T R A C K L I S T S :

vol. 1 - A to M
  • 00:00 A Produce - I Woke Up Dreaming
  • 06:20 Bass Communion - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape II
  • 09:50 Christopher Short - Twilight
  • 12:30 David Sylvian - The Beekeepers Apprentice
  • 16:15 Eberhard Schoener - Meditation part 1
  • 22:10 Fabio Orsi - Lost Love
  • 23:15 Goldmund - 25 thousand miles away
  • 26:40 Hakobune - Melting Reminiscence
  • 30:15 Irezumi - Endurance III
  • 37:50 Jeff Greinke - Rolling Black Clouds
  • 41:00 Loscil - Rorschach
  • 48:00 Marconi Union - Debris
  • 51:15 Manual - Last Light
  • 57:04 end

vol. 2 - N to Z

  • 00:00 Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn - Still Life Vol. 3
  • 05:00 O Yuki Conjugate - track 6 from Euphoria of Disobedience
  • 08:30 Pan American - Lights of Little Towns
  • 15:30 Quosp - Beechwood
  • 21:50 Robin Guthrie - Harold Budd - a minute, a day, no more
  • 26:45 Solyaris - Night’s Waltzloop
  • 29:30 Tom Heasley - Western Sky
  • 36:15 Ulf Lohman - untitled #11
  • 40:10 Vir Unis & Christopher Short - On the Threshold of Eternity
  • 43:40 Williams Basinski - Disintegration Loops 2.1
  • 48:00 Xela - Her Eyes Sparkled and She Walked Away
  • 53:30 Yagya - Snowflake 10
  • 57:00 Zero Ohms - Unafraid of the Impending Silence
  • 00:00 end


dustman said...

Hi Dave, finally i found a site where i can get real ambient,drone mixes (not that ministry of sound chill-out kinda craps).I've just listened some of your mixes and i really like them.
Just keep it up dude!

best wishes!

Low Light Mixes said...


Glad you found the site!

Anonymous said...

your "lost at sea" mix is far my favourite.
thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

How about doing one or more mixes that are rigidly fixed in time. Like, pretend it's 1993 and you are making a mix, having at your disposal only stuff from 1993 and earlier? Or it's 1996. Whatever. I'd also love to see someone do a mix of favorites and obscure gems from the Silent label back in the day. Peace, Brad

Low Light Mixes said...


Great idea! I've done a couple of retro mixes using only older material, but never fixed to a specific year or moment in time. That'd be fun, I'll to to do that before the end of the year.

cerpintor said...

Listening to "A to M" right now and it's one of the best I've heard in recent months. Really, low light mixes seems to satisfy all my ambient needs of late. I don't keep every mix but I'm building up quite an archive. Haven't commented as yet so I thought I'd put one here to say thanks for them all.

Low Light Mixes said...

The idea of a low light mixes archive out there in the world is very cool. When I started this years ago, I did it for my own amusement. So it's very gratifying to see other people enjoying the mixes. Thanks for listening/downloading.

Jindřich Mynarz said...

Excellent choice of tracks in the mix. I have listened to some albums that were featured in your mix, and I would have probably chosen the same tracks from them. Keep up the ambient!