Sunday, October 04, 2009

revenants of the past

One of my favorite mixes from last year was Sustain & Decay. It was fun digging up old recordings & mixing them with new releases.

So I decided to do a follow-up, with the result being "revenants of the past". It follows the same basic formula of last years mix(which was also released in October). I browsed through a ton of files at, looking for things like old vinyl records & Edison cylinder recordings from as far back as 1888. I mixed these recordings with current music that either sounds old or in some cases actually uses old recordings as a sound source to be manipulated into something new.

In the last mix The Caretaker figured prominently and here too there is an extended track in the middle of this sequel mix. The track is an excerpt from a mix James Leyland Kirby, AKA The Caretaker, did for Fact Magazine.

I think "revenants" is a good mix of familiar & unfamiliar artists here. I had to get William Basinksi's Disintegration Loops in somewhere & so the mix closes with a track from Loops #2.

Enjoy the entropy.

Download : 82mb, 60 min.
revenants of the past

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deceptive said...

Thanks for this, an excellent mix as always. I like every moment, especially Basinksi's Disintegration Loops at the end. Looking forward to more.

Sylvester said...

Dave, this is beautiful, the definitive mix of its kind, I'm sure; it doesn't get scratchier than this. Thanks for trolling through all those old recordings and giving them new life. And I discovered SIGHUP from hometown Toronto as a bonus. I will enjoy this in the dead of night and on cold afternoons to come...

Malcolm said...

Another wonderful mix. Your mixes always transport me to new places, whether I am at home laying on the couch, or at work at my desk
Thanks always for sharing!

dave said...

Thanks for the comments. Always makes me smile to know someone else is drifting away with this mix just like me.

Zimmy Knight said...

Dave, yet another wonderful mix, thanks for your ears and sharing with both, oops! I mean, all of us. Just kidding.

Mike Bennett / Zimiamvian Night / Zimmy Knight

Nick said...

Awesome collage!!! I'm so glad that I found my own music (Montauk) in a mix along with such great ambient works!!!

george said...

really loving this. thankyou

A Day in the Stark County said...

I only discovered this today and have now played it three times already.

Hauntingly beautiful. I'd call it masterful but I haven't heard enough of your other mixes to compare it to (yet)- BUT this one is perfect-- I love it!

Anyone who enjoys this sound should also check out "Mirage Immigrants" on Webbed Hand Records.
Similiar spooky sound with old recordings throughout.

dave said...

wow! three comments in three days. that's kind of weird, not much activity for a month, then three in a row. I wonder if the mix was reposted or linked somewhere.

Anyway thanks for kind words. Nick, I'm glad that you enjoyed finding your stuff mixed in there. Thanks again.

Andi said...

Dave -

I'm slowly working my way through your mixes; this one is lovely, a very nice idea and very nicely balanced and paced. thanks very much. Andi