Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have been very busy this summer and I haven't had time to even think about a new mix. So it's perfect timing that I have a new guest mix to present.

"Gravity" is a fantastic new mix by Jason O'Gorman. Jason did a mix called "Satellite" for us in March of last year. I really enjoyed that mix & was always hoping he'd do another and here it is.

About the mix, Jason says...
"Think I'll call it "gravity", my head's stuck into plenty of books about quantum mechanics, parallel universes and all that at the moment - so gravity fits - or does it? :-p LOL. The vast majority of the tracks are fed through lots of reverb and eq feedback - giving a nice wash of sound during the crossover stages of the mix, therefore "blurring" the boundaries, so to speak. And I've selected tracks which are pretty much "in key", or work musically. Suffice to say, Im pretty happy with the final result :-)"

I think everyone will be happy with the final result. One look at the tracklist & I knew it was going to be good then I heard the long, wonderful segues & I was hooked. Jason added this about the segues & start times...
"One thing, the track times listed - are the times they start, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll "hear" them at that time, but they're there, creeping in. Sometimes they're are 4 tracks playing together - the transitions are pretty long!"


Download (right click/save as) :

t r a c k l i s t :
  • 00.00 Like The Foot Prints Of An Invisible Man - Jasper TX & Anduin
  • 00.20 A Box of Wood in the Storm - Jasper TX
  • 05.00 Excerpt 2/3 - ww.lowman
  • 05.10 Cosmos 1 - Murcof
  • 08.30 Pillar - David Daniell
  • 11.40 Everything Disappears In A Tunnel Of Light- Jasper TX & Anduin
  • 15.20 In a Stony Place - Mira Calix
  • 18.45 Still Upon the Ocean Floor - Loscil
  • 20.00 Invocation - Gregg Kowalsky
  • 20.10 Auf der Gasse - Stephan Mathieu
  • 23.15 Stele - David Tagg
  • 28.00 Mulm Og Mørke - Mulm
  • 31.40 Untitled 3 - William Basinski & Richard Chartier
  • 35.10 Opening Sky - Steve Roach
  • 37.00 Nocturne - Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree
  • 37.30 Pictures from Airplanes - David Tagg
  • 41.45 The Sirens - St. Kilda
  • 45.40 Filitosa - Melodium
  • 47.15 A Stop at the Chord Cascades - Tim Hecker
  • 47.33 V - Gregg Kowalsky
  • 49.15 Vi-Vii - Gregg Kowalsky
  • 52.00 Monochrome 1 - Tu M'


ryan manning said...

the file seems a bit corrupted at about 25 seconds in but i like the jasper tx song you chose

dave said...


Maybe try re-downloading it. the copy I downloaded from the blog is fine. Hopefully it was just some weird glitch.

PvC said...

What a beautiful and well-balanced mix this is! Thanks

dave said...

Peter, That's a good description, "beautiful & well-balanced". I wish I had done this one myself.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Andi said...

loved the mix, thankyou ... a nice overall feel and a very nice rate of change. best wishes, Andi

Andi said...

hi again Dave - I feel a bit wrong using a comment to advertise myself but don't know how to send you a message directly. anyway my blog of mixes ( currently has a couple of mixes available that might interest you - one is relaxed beats, a little nature, some jazz; the other is field recordings, some drone, etc. - all material of mine. if you do listen I'd appreciate a word about what you thought ...

best wishes, Andi

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your mixes. Thank you so mch for all the work you've put into these. I am also a yoga teacher and I've used some of your mixes or parts of them in my classes.