Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Antique Sunlight

I am crossing familiar territory here with another piano mix.  I think this is the third I've done.

There's no particular reason for doing a piano mix other than I happened to run into a few nice piano tunes & figured I'd slap together a short mix.

As usual this is fairly quiet music, good for reading the paper on a Sunday morning.(when newspapers disappear I'll really miss doing that)    I'll be sending this one to Mick & his "15 Minutes of Fame" mix series which you can find here...15 minutes.


Download :

  • 00:00    Milieu - antique sunlight
  • 05:00    Ryuichi Sakamoto - ropa
  • 10:00    Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner - may
  • 15:11     Library Tapes - fragment VIII
  • 18:30    Con Cetta - ker
  • 22:46    Jeanne Moreau - un entretien avec
  • 24:14    NIN - ghosts 11
  • 27:20    Kosik - lastly empty
  • 30:40    Goldmund - Threnody
  • 35:00    United Bible Studies - sea of rains
  • 35:46    end


Duck said...

Looks great! (Psst: typo in pic).

Good best-of list too - will we be getting a mix? 8-)

Happy happy and best wishes for 2009!

dave said...

Whew! Thanks for noticing the typo! I just replaced it with the pic without type. Hopefully I'll have time to fix it later. Thanks!

Dennis said...

Great mix, thanks. I have been looking for the "NIN - ghosts 11" but could not find it anywhere. Which album is that on?

dave said...


The NIN track is on Ghosts I-IV here's the Amazon link...

mperssonsounds said...

Great mix!
Look forward to hear moore of your "themed" mixes!


Brett said...

Excellent blog. I love that you put Fragment VIII on this one. That is my favorite one on that album.

Paul Smith said...

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