Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clouds in my Coffee

I made this latest mix for our annual trip to northern Wisconsin. I usually try to make one stargazing mix & one morning mix. The stargazing mix will be posted soon. This is the morning mix, to be listened to while drinking Intelligentsia coffee & reading the morning paper.

At our northern cabin we didn't have daily newspapers so I made due with coffee, crossword puzzles & science fiction.
To go with the morning coffee & sunlight reflecting off the calm lake waters, this music is suitably light.

The majority of the tunes are new, most are from 2008. Some old favorites with new music make the mix, including Max Ritcher, Yellow 6, Marconi Union, Milieu & Goldmund. New discoveries include Shirk, bvdub & Segue.

So grab a cup, put your feet up & enjoy.

Download (right click/save as) :
clouds in my coffee 107mb 58:28

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Bersarin Quartet - nachtblind
  • 03:50 Jacaszek - rytm to niesmiertelnosc
  • 08:30 Jonathan Hughes - monoline
  • 11:41 Shirk - stupid dick
  • 12:50 Segue - a glass darkly
  • 16:20 Max Ritcher - found song for P
  • 18:20 Yellow 6 - kulterhuset
  • 26:25 Goldmund - clement danes
  • 30:20 Milieu - mirage
  • 32:05 bvdub - different place different time
  • 38:40 Planivaar - adrift
  • 43:30 Bersarin Quartet - geschichten von interesse
  • 48:05 Marconi Union - buildings without people
  • 51:31 Koda - the tension was beautiful
  • 55:18 Library Tapes - fragment V


Anonymous said...

hey, nice mix again! i'm a fan of your work. one remark: the guy is called "bersarin quartett".

greetings from germany

jim said...

Nice mix. The first Besarin Quartett piece and Marconi Union stand out most for me. Jonathan Hughes and Shirk are discoveries to research further. Many thanks.

Martian Shaker said...

Nice mix. I am discovering - and posting about - the beautiful climatic world of Jason corder/Off the sky. Thanx.

Jay said...

Amazing mix. This sort of music always floats in my periphery. I'm working over a mix called 'Flying over the shortwave night's sky' that will have a good bit of Tim Hecker in it, shortwave numbers stations and hopefully a few other things. Mixing practice first, though ;).

it was the blue that got me said...

Listening while drinking the same coffee. :) Nice mix.

bvdub said...

beautiful, beautiful mix. can't stop listening to it. and deeply honored to be a part of it. thanks :)


jordhash said...

hey dave, nice mix! just found it and listening now..perfect. glad to be a part of it.
keep up the excellent work!
jordan (segue)

dave said...


Glad you like the mix. It's so cool to hear from artists that are in the mix. And great to hear that you guys are happy to be included in the mixes. This mix has been downloaded over 1000 times so hopefully that can translate to some exposure for the artists.

Anonymous said...

Tim Hecker in it, shortwave numbers stations and hopefully a few other things. Mixing practice first, though ;). GCSE Coursework | Dissertations

Anonymous said...


samu said...

I've been folowing your mixes for a few years now. You've kinda been my moment off through times.

Clouds in coffee was the first mix i ever heard from you, and now i listened to it for the first time in at least two years. I used to listen to it a lot when i first found it.. a.. lott.. and it just sounds so amazing after all this time and all that has happened since.

Made me feel like saying it aloud. Awesome this thing af yours.

Dave said...


Thanks so much for your support & nice comments. I'm glad that the mixes & this one in particular have found a role in your musical life.

The power of music never ceases to amaze me. And the fact that so many folks stumble upon my little blog & find refuge in these mixes also never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks for listening/downloading.