Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Wind In Lonely Fences - A Farewell to Harold Budd


2020, you unrelenting bastard. Now you've taken Harold Budd from us. An icon in ambient music.

There's not much I can say right now except that I love his music. I have about 25 albums by Harold Budd. His music has been with me for more than 40 years. When I heard the news I knew the only proper tribute I could do was a mix. So here it is an hour-long mix that barely scratches the surface of his output.

Godspeed Harold, your music remains in our ears and on the wind.

[ s t r e a m ]    [ d o w n l o a d ]    [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Harold Budd & Brian Eno - Wind In Lonely Fences
  • 03:39    Harold Budd - Ice Floes In Eden
  • 06:51    Harold Budd & Brian Eno - An Echo Of Night
  • 08:53    Harold Budd & John Foxx - Coming Into Focus
  • 13:15    Harold Budd - As Long As I Can Hold My Breath
  • 20:07    Harold Budd & Zeitgeist - Emboldened-My Dreams Perish
  • 22:16    Harold Budd - Tong War
  • 27:40    Harold Budd - The Serpent in Quicksilver
  • 31:00    Harold Budd - The Radiant Bride
  • 34:33    Harold Budd - Sandtreader
  • 39:32    Harold Budd - Down the Slopes to the Meadow
  • 46:54    Harold Budd - Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim
  • 56:40    Harold Budd - Mars And The Artist
  • 58:10    Harold Budd - The Pearl
  • 61:04    Harold Budd - Olancha Farewell
  • 63:20    end


Rob Purssey said...

Hi wonderful podcaster :) this is fab, as all your mixes, AND the download link to my iTunes isn't working anymore? i listen at work while doing all letters, reports etc so NEED your fabulousness so badly. I have OLD iTunes as hate the newer ones.

Do you know why this happening? The store says i SHOULD still be able to "subscribe" but it's not happening.

Thanks again for your astonishing, beautiful work - btw "Exhale" my year's fave

rob purssey robpurssey@gmail.com

The Deja View said...


Erik said...

I think we all feel as if we have lost a close friend.

Ashley Pomeroy said...

Sleepbot seems to be doing a day-long Harold Budd marathon as well. I didn't realise he was 84. He was essentially a generation older than Eno, Lanois etc. His albums with John Foxx were excellent.

Low Light Mixes said...

Erik - I feel the same. Thankfully we have his music to keep his memory alive.

Ashley - I'm sorry I missed the Sleepbot marathon, sounds like a great idea. Also, yes those albums with John Foxx are excellent. I hadn't played those in long time until the news came out. I was reminded of how good they really are.

Rob - I wish I could help. When I click on the link it takes me here... https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/low-light-mixes/id264952209
and then from there to iTunes. But mine is a newer version. I guess you'll have to try contacting Apple support.

Cheers everyone and thanks for listening.