Saturday, June 13, 2015

Music for Meditation

I have a confession to make.  Back in the 80s & early 90s I used to listen to a lot of New Age music.  Stuff like Enya, Andreas Vollenweider, anything on Windham Hill, etc.  Even though much of the general public thinks of ambient music as new age music, real ambient fans know the difference.  It can be difficult to articulate that difference.  I use a "I know it when I hear it" approach.  I guess I'm still wary of the new age label so that's why I called the mix "Music for Meditation."

Even though I moved away from new age music long ago, I still have a soft spot for certain sounds that can be considered new age staples.  Two of my favs are Tibetan singing bowls & the Fender Rhodes keyboard.  Actually anything with a bell-like sonic signature usually gets me.

Last year I came across the re-release of an album called "Gymnosphere, Song of the Rose" by Jordan De La Sierra.  It was recorded in 1977.  It has been called a long lost new age masterpiece.  I guess it is sort of new age-ish, although I think it has more in common with Brian Eno, Terry Riley & Steve Reich than Yanni or Steven Halpern.  It's a fine album and it got me thinking about new age music and the parts that I still enjoy.  Find out more here...

Once I decided to do this mix I knew for sure that Steven Halpern would make the final cut.  I remember buying a cassette of his album "Spectrum Suite" from a shop in Madison, WI that had floatation tanks.  I booked a half hour in one of the tanks and played that music while I floated around, literally & figuratively. 

The Harold Budd track that follows Halpern, I have always thought sounded very new agey.  But I have always loved it.  I like that the mix has both old and new cuts in it.  I think it does a good job giving off a meditation vibe without being too sickly sweet.  Good for meditation or sleeping.


[ s t r e a m ]   [ d o w n l o a d ]   [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Sonmi451 - Yellow
  • 06:30    Jordan De La Sierra - Music for Gymnastics
  • 12:30    Field Recording - Wind Chimes & Thunderstorm
  • 14:20    Michael Stearns - As the Earth Kissed the Moon
  • 18:25    Peter Davison - Glide V
  • 23:50    Porya Hatami - After the Rain
  • 31:40    eternell - Kalimba I
  • 37:33    Halftribe - Shashlik
  • 42:12    Steven Halpern - Keynote C Red
  • 44:54    Harold Budd - Bismillahi 'Rrahmani' Rrahim
  • 52:36    Jeff Pearce - Through Darkened Halls
  • 56:14    33 bowls - Morning
  • 58:51    Jim Cole - Light Shines In Your Heart
  • 65:21    end


Anonymous said...

Hey man, the download link isn't working. I'd love to grab this one if you can look into that. Thanks!

Dave Michuda said...

I just tried the download link & it's working now. Must have been a temporary server thing.

Thanks for listening/downloading.


Anonymous said...

Huh, weird, still getting a connection timeout error. Might be a hiccup on my end! Thanks for checking into it—may just grab the podcast file instead.

niceguysoulman said...

That's not much of a confession ;)

Jim Marven said...

I mostly listen to very soft slow songs, and I've tried old musics from Beatles, Queen, John Denver, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie etc., and admit they are really good classic songs, but somehow that kind of country music don't appeal that much to me. To make things easier, here is a few of my favourite tracks:

1) Nocturne - Anne Takle (Secret Garden)
2) Somebody's Me - Enrique
3) Hymn For The Missing - Red
4) What Faith Can Do - Kutless
5) Mad World - Adam Lambert
6) You Raise Me Up - Celtic Woman
7) My Immortal - Evanescence
8) Tears of An Angel - Ryandan
9) Afterglow - INXS
10) Why - Secondhand Serenade
INSPERATO by Kevin Mongelli

Anonymous said...

What are good music artists/bands?
INSPERATO by Kevin Mongelli

Audrey Mackay said...

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Background Information said...

Wow came across your site looking for Steven Halpern's Organ music(yes theres a rare tape out there where he plays new age pipe organ!) and curiously I saw your late night mix.

I recorded a cd with Jim Cole called Bislama. All improvised harmonic singing and ambient synthesizer! Going to download your mix now. Nice you taking the time to do this for other to enjoy!

Richie Benaud said...

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Anonymous said...

hmm somehow the download doesn't work for me. i discovered the set on mix cloud some month ago and since then in love :)

Background Information said...

Right click on the link then download the mp3 file...Im on a Mac but I am sure on a PC its the same way to download.

Erik said...

Great mix as usual. Thanks Dave!
(To everybody: to DOWNLOAD it click in the download link, when the player opens do click with the right button of your mouse, and then choose 'Download audio')
Cheers to all from sunny Madrid!

Varinder Singh Kattad Fan of Babbu Maan said...

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