Sunday, August 31, 2014

Leaving the Station

cinemagraph by Julien Douvier -
Sometimes I go through phases of music listening.  I'll listen to a bunch of old prog rock for two weeks then move on.  I pull out some old Cantebury Scene stuff from the 70s for awhile.  Then I'll go on an early 80s new wave binge.  Then Americana.  Then ECM jazz.

This mix came out of one such binge.  I've been listening to a lot of Jean Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream lately.  Jean Michel Jarre was a college favorite of mine.  My girlfriend in college loved JMJ.  Which is probably why I married her - how many college girls like Jean Michel Jarre?!

While bingeing on JMJ & TD I knew that I wanted to use them in a mix and the train theme just seemed to flow naturally from there.  So the first two JMJ tunes I chose specifically because of the train sounds in them.  I think I'd like to do another berlin school mix with all artists and music from the 1970s.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train
  • 03:40    Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields pt. 3
  • 06:33    Dadub - Arrival
  • 09:10    Miktek - Elsewhere(fade edit)
  • 14:40    Evan Marc + Steve Hillage - Resurface
  • 16:30    Tangerine Dream - Rain and Thunder(Sorcerer Cinematographic Score)
  • 23:00    Jean Michel Jarre - Ethnicolor II
  • 25:55    Grumbling Fur - Eyoreseye
  • 31:33    Mark McGuire - The Instinct
  • 37:25    ??? - ???
  • 41:20    Mohn - Saturn
  • 48:45    Plastikman - Locomotion
  • 52:45    Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe VII
  • 59:10    Tangerine Dream - The Dream Is Always The Same
  • 1:02:24    end


Steven said...

Two tracks that I think would go well in this mix are:

Hermann & Kleine - Leaving You Behind (from the Blue Skied an Clear compilation)

and Parks' track "Trains" (Russian electronic artist)

Dave Michuda said...


Thanks for the suggestions! I haven't listened to that compilation in years. I wasn't sure if I was going to do a follow up to this mix but with these two tracks as a start I guess I'll have to now.

Thanks again.

justin oliver said...

great mix as always. Thanks so much for all yr work over the years! love it!

Anonymous said...

fantastic mix, you have re-discovered some of the "ambient" pioneers to me

Mick Buckingham said...

Really enjoyed this mix Dave, one for the lifelong collection. This renewed my appreciation in Jarre as I forgot he did "Equinoxe". That was a favourite of mine my parents had off their old synthesiser music tape.

Dave Michuda said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I definitely agree with the idea that's it's great fun re-discovering music. It was cool to unearth some old synth classics for this mix. Just a s it was nice to re-visit old albums for my post about 16 albums that influenced my musical identity.

Thanks again for listening/downloading.

Anonymous said...

Great work Dave - the Interstellar Radio Station

C.J. Schexnayder said...

Is there any way you can make a sequel to this mix? I have played it in my car for rush hour driving pretty much since you posted it.

Dave Michuda said...

C.J. - Glad you like the mix! I will definitely be doing a follow up. I have a few tracks already picked out. Now I just have to find the time.