Sunday, April 21, 2013

Searching for songs

I'm looking for more song suggestions for an upcoming mix.

I've done several Sunday Morning Music mixes and for the next one I'd like to give it a new wrinkle.  Or actually an old wrinkle, as I'd like to a 1970s version of the Sunday Morning series.

So if you have any ideas for quiet music from the 70s, I'd love to hear them.  The tunes can be jazz, folk, ambient, electronic, whatever fits the feel of the series.

I've already started collecting tracks from folks like Eno, Soft Machine, Nick Drake, John Martyn, King Crimson and more.  I'm sure there are plenty of songs out there that would fit right in, so just leave any suggestions you have in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Daryl Hall - The Farther Away I Am (from "Sacred Songs")

Dave said...

I LOVE that Daryl Hall tune but unfortunately I used it in vol. 3 of the Sunday morning series.

icastico said...

kris kristofferson - sunday morning coming down

ximeremix said...

Definitely use River Man by Nick Drake - one of the best 'ambient' tracks from the beginning of the 70's (though it IS really 1969 :-)

Matt said...

So many possibilities!

Small Hours, John Martyn
His Last Hours, Joe Zawinul
Recollections, Miles Davis
Tanzmuzik, Kraftwerk
ZumWohl, Cluster
You Know, You Know, Mahavishnu Orchestra
Song With No Words, David Crosby
Sea Song, Robert Wyatt
You'll Know When You Get There, Herbie Hancock
Memories of Lee Morgan, Pharaoh Sanders
Morning Sun, Popol Vuh
LebWohl, NEU!

Roguen Lómë said...

Definitely something from (Sixto) Rodriguez

Josh said...

As someone that spends more time than they really should wading threw various genres from the 50's-70's I have a few suggestions. If you are looking for mellow ambient/electronic sounds from the 70's you could easily fill this podcast up with library music from conroy, burton & april orchestra pretty quickly. Here is just one example of many:

A little more mainstream but you can't go wrong with someone like Dorothy Ashby ( or Bill Evans ( There is a ton of relatively little known jazz as well from people like James Tatum ( and Lonnie Liston Smith (

If you are looking for folk music I am a fan of pretty much anything from Vashti Bunyan and Jackson C Frank ( both of which I believe have some material from the 70's.

There is soooooo much stuff from that time period that could work well and I know I am not even scratching the surface here but hopefully you get some ideas from my suggestions. I look forward to listening!

Dave said...

Wow! Great ideas!

This mix just got more difficult because there are too many choices!

Some were nice reminders of stuff I already had but totally forgot about(Neu!, Vashti, Kraftwerk, Miles).

Other stuff, like the Burton library music is totally new to me. You're right Josh, you could do an entire mix of that stuff. Which I plan on doing someday.

Thanks for all the suggestions! Now I just have to find the time to make the mix.

Vastad said...

Ah nuts, hope I'm not too late.

I wanted to suggest "Walking in the Rain" by Flash and The Pan from 1978.

Amazingly timeless track, it actually sounds anachronistic for the time it wass released.

Fun fact: One of the duo who make up Flash and The Pan is George Young. He is the older brother of Malcolm and Angus Young of AC/DC.