Friday, February 15, 2013

Ambient by Non-ambient Artists

Ambient music will never be a popular genre.  We all know the kind of looks we get from people when they hear some of our ambient tunes.  But over time ambient sensibilities have crept into a lot of modern music.  And artists that normally don't do ambient music have dipped their toes into a droning sea.

So that's where this mix takes us, to tunes that are fairly to very ambient, by non-ambient artists.  Many of the artists on this tracklist aren't exactly big surprises, Sylvian, Bowie, Gabriel & Boards of Canada have done many ambient-like tracks over the years.  But they are not known primarily as ambient artists.  I didn't include the Genesis tune that inspired this mix, mainly because it was the featured track in an earlier mix.  But I did manage to sneak in another Genesis tune from the same album.

Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions.  I think 6 made it into the final mix.  I am saving some of the recommendations for the next Sunday morning mix.  Thanks!

[ s t r e a m ]  [ d o w n l o a d ]   [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Andrew Bird - Belles
  • 02:20    U2 - 4th of July
  • 04:00    David Sylvian - Answered Prayers
  • 06:39    S. Cary - Rothko Fields
  • 07:44    Peter Gabriel - Slow Marimbas
  • 10:30    Mercury Rev - Pickup if you're there
  • 12:00    Radiohead - Treefingers
  • 15:17    Boards of Canada - Over the Horizon Radar
  • 16:05    Boards of Canada - Heard from Telegraph Lines
  • 17:00    Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place
  • 19:33    David Bowie - Art Decade
  • 22:45    Genesis - Ravine
  • 24:15    Andrew Bird - Yawny at the Apocalypse
  • 27:00    Trespassers William - Just Like This(disinterested remix)
  • 31:45    Peter Gabriel - The Nest That Sailed The Sky
  • 36:08    Richard Hawley - Last Orders
  • 40:55    Unkle - The Piano Echoes
  • 45:30    David Bowie - The Mysteries
  • 51:50    Peter Gabriel - Powerhouse at the Foot of the Mountain
  • 52:50    Laurie Anderson - Walking and Falling
  • 54:20    John Martyn - Small Hours(instrumental version)
  • 1:04:10    end


DW said...

Thanks, Dave. Great idea, great selection.

Josh said...

Hey Dave, Might want to check the iTunes feed it hasn't been working for me when trying to download this mix.

daniel said...

Brilliant. Listening to this at work. Then, that voice. Oh, I know who that is. Her voice. Inviting. Reminding me. I could be walking and falling, at the same time.