Saturday, January 01, 2011

obscured by time

"The passage of time is flickering dimly upon the screen."

I've called this mix "Obscured by Time" because it has that grainy, blurry feel to it, like looking through gauze. The once distinct events in our memories melt together like the washes of sound in this mix.

This collection was inspired by the two 2010 releases by 36, "
Memories in Widescreen" & "Hollow". A pair of great releases that are at times haunting & beautiful. As described at, some of the tracks "use turbulent sheets of white noise, alongside classical instruments to create an eerie, almost ghost-like quality."

All the tracks have that same noisy, grainy texture to them. Most are fairly new, with the Basinski & Jeck tracks probably being the oldest. I love going back to Basinski & wish I could have snuck in a track from Disintegration Loops. Guess that will have to be used in the sequel.

"Several times, I've seen the evening slide away,

Watching the signs taking over from the fading day." - Brian Eno, "Golden Hours"


[ s t r e a m ] | [ d o w n l o a d ] | [ i t u n e s ]

T R A C K L I S T :
  • [00:00] Ous Mal - Marraskuu
  • [03:15] The Fun Years - Makes Sense to Me
  • [06:50] Maps & Diagrams - The Modern Century
  • [08:48] 36 - Geiga
  • [13:52] Erik De Cordier - Spadomur
  • [14:35] Tim Hecker - Celestina
  • [18:00] Ithaca Trio - Untitled #10
  • [21:25] The Humble Bee - 26 jan 2010
  • [24:00] Wixel - You're Inside Your Own Shadow
  • [27:40] 36 - Equassa
  • [31:00] Damian Valles - The Alphabet of Lines
  • [34:06] Philip Jeck - Wipe
  • [37:35] William Basinski - Melancholia II
  • [42:38] d_rradio - Death of the Fair Green Veil
  • [43:50] Tape Loop Orchestra - Tokyo Twilight
  • [45:50] Philip Jeck - Soaked
  • [48:12] 36 - Drifta
  • [53:18] END


Anonymous said...

looks good Dave! thanks. 36, Ous Mal and D_rradio, cant go wrong!

Ray said...

Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying "Obscured By Time"--great to chill out to with a good cup of coffee... Well done!

Nocturne Records said...

This is my favorite mix right now, always end up coming back to it each night. Great stuff right from the opening track. Thanks Dave.