Friday, December 12, 2008

a northern holiday

The mixes keep coming fast & furious.  

Last year I downloaded a very cool holiday compilation.  It's called "That Fuzzy Feeling".  It looks like they still have downloads available but are sold out of the cd's.  You can have find it here...

That release was the starting point for this mix.  There are three cuts from the compilation in the mix....Brave the Cold by Vincent Oliver and Isan...Family, Giving by Peter Broderick...Snowstorm in a Snow Globe by Fuzzy Lights.  From there I just looked for other tunes that fit the theme.

So grab some hot coco & trim the tree with some ambient goodness playing in the background.  Happy Holidays from all of us(actually just me) here at Low Light Mixes.

Download :

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Vincent Oliver and Isan - Brave the Cold
  • 02:35    Freescha - Holiday Frost
  • 07:25    Takahiro Kido - Christmas Song
  • 12:50    Chris Abrhams - Christmas Island
  • 19:10    Stuart Busby - Snowfall
  • 22:13    Peter Broderick - Family, Giving
  • 25:30    Dakota Suite - December 8, 1980
  • 27:40    Maps of the Heart - Skating Away
  • 31:40    July Skies - Holidays to Wales
  • 33:00    Fuzzy Lights - Snowstorm in a Snow Globe
  • 35:50    Northern - December
  • 39:57    end


Duck said...

Happy holidays to you as well. Thank you for this and all your wonderful mixes!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your mixes! They help me to relax and to concentrate at the same time. I can listen to them even when I work - to build up some kind of tunnel. But they are also suited for very very different things than work ;-)

Keep on mixing! said...

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Chris said...

I enjoyed this mix, but, to me, it is only vaguely reminiscent of winter and even less of the holiday season. Some music that I thought was much more evocative of the season, without being Christmas carols were the early Winter Solstice recordings from Windham Hill. The last piece was perhaps the most evocative of winter. I know you did another one 10 years later. I'm going to listen to that one next!