Sunday, March 16, 2008


This new mix is something different. It is a guest mix courtesy of a listener/downloader in Ireland.
Jason is an electronic music producer who discovered new artists such as Tim Hecker, FenneszMurcof through some Low Light mixes. He said “Stunning artists, I never knew music could sound so minimal yet full.”

It is an excellent mix. Jason has put together an hour-long mix of “some of my favorite trax from a few of the artists I’ve grown to love over the past year.”
It starts out nice & dreamy then gets a bit noisey, but in a good Tim Hecker way. It smooths out again then brings back some HeckerMurcof noise before ending quietly with FenneszSakamoto. A fine mix from start to finish.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Download(right click/save as) :

T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00.00 "amb" Rafael Toral
  • 1.20 "the Mouthchew" Stars of the Lid
  • 4.28 "Reciting the Airships" Eluvium
  • 8.00 "Crossing Signals" Manual
  • 9.23 "Faces (Where Are You Now)" Stendeck
  • 12.47 "Going Dark" EchaSkech
  • 13.24 "Fractales Pt.2" Apparat
  • 14.48 "Blood Rainbow" Tim Hecker
  • 17.32 "Remove the Inside" Belong
  • 22.56 "Junitaki" Manual
  • 24.50 "Dizzy Sun" Manual
  • 27.57 "I'm too Sleepy, shall we swim?" Belong
  • 32.05 "Even (out) +" Stars of the Lid
  • 35.00 "Chimeras" Tim Hecker
  • 36.50 "Pillowcase" Dntel
  • 39.00 "The Point of it all" Fennesz
  • 42.33 "Radio Spiricom" Tim Hecker
  • 44.45 "Cosmos II" Murcof
  • 53.30 "Kuni" Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto


Tom said...

Lovely mix :-)

Really smooth and some nice tunes in there! Bravo!

Also - nice idea to let others post guest mixes.

kevinm416 said...

who created the picture of the young man pointing at the moon?
Can't wait for the download to finish

dave said...

The picture was created by Jason, our guest mixer. Best pic to ever grace a low light mix.

jim said...

Nice mix. Enjoyed discovering Manual and Belong, plus the noisier bits by Tim Hecker.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,Jason,

Many many thanks as ever.

Nick In North London, UK, in the rain