Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Slow Thaw

There is no real theme to hold this mix together other than the great music in it.

I called this mix "A Slow Thaw" because that's exactly what we are having in Wisconsin right now. Tons of snow on the ground(at least 2 weeks ago when I put this together) that is slowly, but surely, melting away. As I put the mix together, it seemed to fit well with the puddles, dripping icicles and receding snow.

Most of the music in this mix is fairly new, either 2006 or 2007. I limited my choices to what I had been listening to in the last couple of months.

I need a new theme for the next mix. Any ideas? I've done stargazing mixes, mixes based on certain instruments, winter themes, etc. I will post a new orchestral mix, String Theory Vol. 2 very soon. But also I need some new ideas.

Anyway, here's the download link for the new mix...

A Slow Thaw

00:00 Michael Brook | Earth Alone(Incovenient Truth ots)
01:39 Windy & Carl | Akimatsuri
06:50 Underworld & Gabriel Yared | St. Pancras
10:56 Eluvium | Prelude for Time Feelers
16:33 Dakota Suite | Early Century Maple
19:13 Oblong | Rendevous
22:22 Rafael Anton Irisarri | Waking Expectations
28:20 Green Kingdom | Autumn Toadlick
34:10 Xela | Bobble Hats in Summer
39:20 Chihei Hatakeyama | Granular Haze
42:18 Daisuke Miyatani | Yu
43:15 Eluvium | Requium on Frankfort Ave.
45:33 Dollboy | Hatterjax
50:53 Kangding Ray | Peaks
56:05 Denzel & Huhn | Treibel
59:13 Eluvium | Repose in Blue


dave said...

I don't know if you've got a problem with your server but i can't get your new mix to download.

Patrick said...

This is fantastic. Thanks for directing me to your blog. (I'm the guy that e-mailed you about your old Live365 broadcast).

Dave said...

I've just tried to download A Slow Thaw again and the transfer rate dropped from 25.07 kb/sec to just 6.02/kb/sec,which meant it was going to take 3hr 25 mind to download it.

I think you've got a problem somewhere,buddy.

dave said...

Not sure what the problem is. I just tried downloading & the transfer rate was 175kb/sec. It's been downloaded about 300 times, so it must be working some of the time.

Try again, hopefully it pick up the pace with the next attempt.

Dave said...

I've managed to get it at the tenth attempt.

Any idea if Hydrogen Cafe has got a new mix planned.

sebastien said...

once again, nice selection Dave. For next mixes, what about rainy days, crystal sounds, tropicalism...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave, was checking back hoping they'd be a new mix up soon. Good stuff as usual.

All the very best.

Keep up the good work!

dave said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I guess a rainy day mix would continue my weather themes.

String Theory Vol. 2 will probably go up this weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful mixes that I have ever heard well done
I am going to review your mix on my website

judith said...

i've gotten a lot out of every mix i've heard of yours, so far. the immersive quality, the flow, the way the "color" of you selections coordinate--it's hard to find this in many mixes (i'd rather call your pieces 'continuums' ;-) ) and--all of these! are like that! they are lovely.

if you still want, some ideas:

- standing in the woods in late may after a rain, that woozy-humid-overcast-luminous quality of the air, that dirt green smell in the air.
- red velvet curtains
- shoreline at night
- barefoot/sand
- another ambient vocal mix, that first one was keen.
- a series of string theory, those first two were dreamy.

something like "a drift on the signal" would have been on here, too, but look, you already got it. ;-)

dave said...


Thanks for the ideas! I really want to do something with those concepts, of course that means I need to wade through a ton of music. ;)

I think I'll start a folder for each idea & occasionally toss in songs that would fit. I'd like to get to one of those mixes by the end of summer.

Thanks for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I got here. but it's been the nicest discovery ever. I downloaded also Ambient Vocal MIx (my favourite selection).
Thanks a lot.

P.S. No problem at all in downloading

Marco (Italy - Sardinia Island)

gavin said...

Sorry, can we get a new link to this one please? Another favorite...

Dave Michuda said...


Link has been fixed. Enjoy!

And thanks for the heads up. :)