Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Guitar Treatments

Finally a new mix.

Just like the piano mix, this one is fairly obvious from the uncreative title. All the tunes are guitar based instrumentals, ranging from the floating ambience of Manual to the treated pickings of John Fahey.

It helps to limit my choices, so most of the selections are fairly recent releases.

Drop me a note if you enjoy the mix.

You can download it here....
Guitar Treatments

T R A C K L I S T I N G :
00:00 – 02:37 John Fahey House of the Rising Sun
02:37 – 06:03 Portal Celebration
06:03 – 09:49 Yellow 6 Leaving Time
09:49 – 12:40 Bexar Bexar tearing apart the noise she makes
12:40 – 17:30 talkingmakesnosense volumes in G
17:30 – 20:18 Boards of Canada Dayvan Cowboy
20:18 – 27:05 Hammock Stars in the Rearview Mirror
27:05 – 29:48 Hulk Photographs
29:48 – 31:45 Greg Kowalski Tendrils
31:45 – 36:52 Manual Reminiscence
36:52 – 38:58 Gregor Samsa Loud & Clear
38:58 – 43:30 Reigns Fattest Goose…
43:30 – 46:35 Christopher Willits Rollerskating in S.F.
46:35 – 51:30 I’m Not A Gun Blue Garden
51:30 – 54:10 Mono Halo(DJ Olive remix)
54:10 – 55:33 Robert Fripp Requiem
55:33 – 59:08 Hammock miles to go before sleep
59:08 – 05:00 The Gentleman Losers Laureline
05:00 – 07:25 Helios Emancipation


sebastien said...

hi dave,

thanks a lot for the post about your mix. I posted a short article on my blog with a link to your mix.
I didn't listened to it yet, but i know most of the tracks in it, and for sure, it's a good choice !

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Nick said...

Another good mix, please keep up the good work. Thanks

Nick, London, England

Anonymous said...

The link seems to be missing from this one. Is there any way you could put it back up somehow, very keen to hear this mix.

paul belter said...

Hi. Permission denied. You think you could throw that mix somwhere? Your mixes are awesoe, I wanna listen to all of them :)